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Thread: programming DME arc in 737 FMC

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    Default programming DME arc in 737 FMC

    can anyone tell me how to program a DME arc into the DF FMC iI tried it last night using the fix page and inserting the VOR name radials and distance and all it did was draw a green circle around the VOR but the waypouints themselves did not show up in the LEGS page.

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    Hello, I know this is very old, but someone may come looking for this even now in 2018.
    I manually added one waypoint every 10°.
    My example:
    I was coming in on radial 225 (HDG 045) of Asunción VOR (VAS), and I needed to fly a DME arc 10 NM out. So I input in the FMC:

    It was almost half a circle, and at 10 NM distance, it was a perfect circumference. Maybe if you need to fly a 15 NM arc, it will not be so round, but will still work ok.
    The last waypoint, at distance 8.3, was set that way to make the turn inbound for an ILS approach.

    I hope this is clear enough, and someone finds it useful, best regards!

    Carlos Guimaraenz

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