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Thread: Some images of ground zero (Optional reading !)

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    Captain_Slarty Guest

    Default Some images of ground zero (Optional reading !)

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    fcubillos Guest

    Default RE: Some images of ground zero (Optional reading !)

    I still get a knot in my throat everytime I see pictures or video of the WTC site.
    We'll get the bastards!
    Thanks Joe, it must have been difficult to be there. Thanks for honoring our fallen comrades.
    "Da Mod Squad"

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    Default RE: Some images of ground zero (Optional reading !)

    I haven't had a chance to get into manhattan but back in November I did drive by on the Jersey Turnpike and the skyline sure didn't look right.


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    I'm just a Missouri boy and 90% of the people here wouldn't have considered going to NYC even before Sept 11. You know how we are, "All the crime and smog and crap, it's just better to live in the sticks." Summer of 00 I went with my dad cross country on his truck and we went from Baltimore to Elizabeth NJ, which is right by Manhattan. I was so excited to be there and I couldn't wait to develope the pictures I took of the Statue of Liberty and the skyline. You know you're not in Missouri anymore when the warehouse's restroom has french writing all over the place. The bad part was, our next load was a 5 dropper in Chicago and Milwaukee. But things got better, we ran empty to Gary and picked up for Bronx and JFK Fedex. In a 3 week span I saw 22 states for the first time and I'm telling you, there's no place like NYC. Anyone who's been there will agree. I loved it, I'd go back tomorrow if I could. I think it was worth the $60 in tolls to get there from Baltimore. Easy for me to say, I wasn't driving! So I've been there a total of 3 days, but when I saw the buildings on TV my heart sank like a rock because I think I understand the connection people have with thier city. It's like part of our nation's identity is gone. I would say "nuke 'em" as well, but even if they out numbered us a hundred to one, they're already dead.
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    tysonlm Guest

    Default RE: Some images of ground zero (Optional reading !)

    Excellent pics Slarty! BTW, was this your first trip to the States? Hope you enjoyed your stay.......Tyson.

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    djufo Guest

    Default RE: Some images of ground zero (Optional reading !)

    very beautiful pictures....but very sad at the same time..I have a knot in my throat too every time that i see pictures, videos, or just remeber what happened to our nation...but we are very strong...and we will rebuild and rebuild, once and again...I'm arranged to give my life for this country if it's necessary..this is my spirit, i think is "our" spirit, and that's why we are the biggest, stronger, and best nation in the world...."If you fly to the moon, you will see an american flag".....and soon we will see another one in Mars...i'm sure of that!.


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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Mar-02-02 AT 06:03AM (EDT)[/font][p]Great pictures Joe. Thanks!

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    Default RE: Some images of ground zero (Optional reading !)

    How is the clean-up coming along? Does anyone know?

    PS- djufo, you mentioned the US being the biggest country. Geographically Russia, Canada and China are bigger. Population-wise China and India and I think one or two others are bigger.

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    Default RE: Some images of ground zero (Optional reading !)

    Welcome back Joe. Beautiful pics but I know you would have
    rathered them to be shots of the intact twin towers. I hope
    I live to see the infamous bin Laden on trial.

    Something of a different note. You probably are aware of
    this but I know when I return from a trip, it's tough
    catching up with all the reading. I think it was in the
    local newspaper (Pensacola News Journal) this past Thursday.
    Intel has announced that it will release a 4 GHz chip next
    year. I tried to find the article but the wife probably
    used it to wrap trash with. One thing I remember was that
    the chip is designed to make the computer think it has two
    chips, or something like that. I am no computer whiz.

    We missed you. Glad to have you back.

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    Sonar5 Guest

    Default RE: Some images of ground zero (Optional reading !)

    Welcome Back,

    What Restaurants did you go to..?

    I hope you enjoyed NYC... It must have been a surreal experience for you.. I used to work for Merrill Lynch which is one of the pictures in your post. I knew people who worked in WTC1, and had been there numerous times. (they all got out..) I have yet been back since 9/11, As my new companies HQ is in Seaport Plaza, by the helipads and ferry terminal..I still don't know what feelings I'll have when I return..

    There were citizens of many countries who lost their lives in this tragedy, and it is a world tragedy, not just comprised of one country.

    As far as nuking them, did you hear that Nixon wanted to use the nukes in vietnam.. It is now confirmed that he was willing to do that...



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