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Thread: Save full flight and resume full flight

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    Default Save full flight and resume full flight

    Page 3-3 of the FMC Ops Manual describes how you can "save full flight" and "resume full flight". When I go to the FMC page for Flt plan import/export I don't have these full flight options available. I only have three options. 1) import FS2002 flightplan; 2) import FMC data; 3) Export FMC data. What am I missing or doing wrong that I can't save/import a coordinated situation between the FMC data and a FS2002 flight that I'm saving.

    This "full flight" option looks like exactly what I'm wanting to do. If I'm right in the middle of a flight that I've spent a lot of time setting up I would like to save "everything" so that I can easily come back at a later time and just pick up right in the middle of the flight. Thanks for any help/input.

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    Default RE: Save full flight and resume full flight

    From page 3-5 of GA737_ADDENDUM.pdf:

    "Save and Resume FULL Flight feature has been removed from the FMC. This feature is not supported in FS2002 and for congruity it was removed from FS2000 support as well."

    Not much help, I know, but at least you know now that you're not doing anything wrong :-)

    As for your question about how to save in mid-flight and resume later, I'd like to know, too.

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    Henrik Dissing

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    Thanks Henrik-- Believe it or not I downloaded and actually read all of the manuals (except of course the addendum).

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    Default RE: Save full flight and resume full flight

    You can save your flight with all of your MCP, FMC settings, etc by first clicking "LAST" (I believe it's last) on the upper left quadrant of the overhead panel. Press that button so it's illuminated then save your flight. When you reopen your flight, the panel will be in the "last" configuration it was in when you saved it.


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