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Thread: DREAM FLEET 737 or 767 PIC?

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    Default DREAM FLEET 737 or 767 PIC?

    Should anyone, plase, tell me about those programs in regard of the maxim reality? Or any other avaliable one?

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    Default RE: DREAM FLEET 737 or 767 PIC?

    Well I thought DF737 was great but 767 PIC was more realistic. But I have heard problems with getting 767 to work in FS2k2....

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    Default RE: DREAM FLEET 737 or 767 PIC?

    Recently, a patch to make 767 PIC work with FS 2002 has been released-and it works very well indeed.
    for more information
    I have no experience with the DF 737 so cannot comment on that.
    767 PIC is a very sophisticated package though, a real masterpiece.
    One thing: 767 PIC still comes with the old visual aircraft models that eat frames for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You might want to replace them with (free and better looking) POSKY models.

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    Default RE: DREAM FLEET 737 or 767 PIC?

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Feb-28-02 AT 10:45AM (EDT)[/font][p]Both are excellent products.

    The DF734 is not as technically involved as 767PIC. Dreamfleet aimed it at a broader market than the PIC Team did. It has some features that are just fantastic (Load Manager, Text-o-Matic, visual SID /STAR selector, etc). It has around 250 liveries thanks to Text-o-Matic and so you should have no problem finding one you like. I have had many hours of enjoyment using it in both FS2000 and FS2002.

    The learning curve for 767PIC is a little steeper. That is because the systems included (hydraulics, pneumatic, electric) are actually modeled. In other words, lose part of your hydraulics while in flight and those systems (flaps, rudder, gear) that are controlled by that system will be lost unless repairs or workarounds can be made. PIC also has a slightly more complicated FMC. Visually, PIC is not as good out of the box as DF734. With the FS2002 patch, the visual models wreak havoc with framerates, but using different visual models (e.g., POSKY) help tremendously. Also, there are far more switches and knobs in the DF734, but most are just eye-candy (i.e., they don't affect the plane). That's fine with me as I realize that when I fly any plane on my computer, it's all virtual and no real plane is being affected (I use my imagination sometimes, go figure). The inclusion of features as eye-candy just doesn't bother me.

    Again, both products are great. I use the DF734 for short and medium haul flights and 767PIC for the medium to long haul flights. Both work very well in FS2002; though the DF734 seems to require a little more computer horsepower than PIC. If you've got the cash, get them both.

    (edit): I should mention that whichever product you choose, be prepared to do a lot of reading. They are both very complex.

    Ken G:-wave

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    Default RE: DREAM FLEET 737 or 767 PIC?

    so for the people with not alot of cash, which out of the two is the best,and I'm talking about the actual model detail and panel detail..which takes the grammy?

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    Default RE: DREAM FLEET 737 or 767 PIC?

    Read the GF737 review at By myself!

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    Default RE: DREAM FLEET 737 or 767 PIC?

    If you have never used a complex panel before then turn EVERYTHING off and then try to start the engines (without reading the manual) took me bloody ages :-)

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    Default RE: DREAM FLEET 737 or 767 PIC?

    Well, that's a personal opinion. And my opinion may not match yours. However, as I prefer complexity and detail my preference is for PIC. I've been using it for about a year and have had nothing but enjoyment with it. You should realize that I have been a beta tester for the PIC Team, so I am somewhat biased. I do truly enjoy DF734, but if I had to choose only one, it would be PIC. It has set the standard that no addon has yet surpassed. The decision would hinge on the fact that PIC has systems modeled and a failure system that makes it that much more complex. To me, nothing is more fun than not knowing what will fail (if anything) next and then trying to bypass or correct the failure...without crashing.

    Ken G:-wave

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