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    DarkArts Guest

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jan-08-02 AT 10:58AM (EDT)[/font][p]Hello,

    I really want to fly with Jet airways, but I don't seem to find any FREE enroute charts (europe charts) on the internet!

    I would like to ask from all of you who has a good FREE charts (any charts will be also good- europe) website please post the link here.

    thanks in advance,

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    flydav Guest

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    My friend

    I am afraid we will have to buy them somewhere :-(

    I did a lot web search in the past 2 years with no results.

    Davide :-wave

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    DarkArts Guest

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    I can take some from El Al (Israel Airlines) but it will take them a few weeks till they're get me that...

    I've seen some FREE charts on the web but only America if you are interested.

    And if I'll but the Jeppesen Combinasions package (europe) will I get an enroute charts?

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    flydav Guest

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    Yep, I know they are available for USA only, and I need the Europe charts too, as I fly in Europe mostly.

    Jeppesen: They have various choice of charts, and suppose they have the IFR High altitude enroute charts too. Personally I have the Low altitude(I bought them when I did not understand the difference :-lol). This time I really do not want to pay 1 for them.

    Davide :-wave

    P.S. You can install some program that shows you the High altitude airways as Jetvision or Super flight planner.
    Actually, it's not as real as the PAPER charts gets.

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    RONVKING Guest

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    Hi Folks,

    I don't need to buy any charts, what I use is a program called Flight Manager (shareware). Then I update the airways via this link,

    which is updated every month, try it, go on, dare you.

    If you want details of locations, airways etc which are not in that program (most available via menu anyway) try,

    which has several databases in dbase format. These include airways details, waypoints, runways and even arrester gear info. The USAF keep this so up to date they even publish new AIRAC data a week or more in advance of the release date as its there official database.

    Rgds Ron

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