This applies to any product that uses Text-o-Matic.

If you are making any changes to settings in your aircraft.cfg file, for whatever reason, you must also make these same changes to the "master" aircraft.cfg that is used by Text-o-Matic, otherwise you will lose these changes each time you run T-o-M.

This "master" aircraft.cfg can be found along the path:

FSxxxx\Flight One Software\Text-o-Matic\Data."name of aircraft"...


C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Flight One Software\Text-o-Matic\Data.DFA36

It is located in the appropriate "Data." folder that carries the name of the aircraft you are modifying the aircraft.cfg file on.

Example: for the Cessna 310, the folder is named: Data.F1310

This only applies to changes NOT related to the aircraft description; in essence, the sections titled {fltsim.0}, {fltsim.1}, etc. should NOT be carried over to this master aircraft.cfg file.

Only if you make changes to flight dynamic values, and the other sections of the .cfg. These types of changes must be copied over to this master aircraft.cfg.

It would also be very wise to make a backup copy of this master aircraft.cfg file before making changes to it.