After installing your new DreamFleet aircraft you will no doubt want to fly it right away.

However, it is IMPORTANT to understand how to do this properly, so that information saved from flights of other aircraft does not cause issues with the operation of your DreamFleet aircraft.

1. Start FS, and be certain you load the default start flight. In FS2004 this flight shows the Cessna at Seattle / Tacoma. In FS2002 this flight shows the Cessna at Chicago Meigs. Set this flight as your default start flight, and re-launch FS.

In some cases, where you have never changed the default start flight, this flight will appear automatically, and you need not do anything else except follow the directions below. However, if your default start flight has been changed, and perhaps includes another aircraft at another airport, you will need to get back to the original default start flight, and once again set it as default.

2. With FS now re-loaded, and the default start flight showing, it is now time to load your new DreamFleet aircraft, and this will replace the default Cessna. Select your new DreamFleet aircraft from the list, and load it.

3. With your new DreamFleet aircraft now appearing in FS, feel free to move to another airport, and / or change weather or other settings. Tweak the flight situation to your liking.

4. Once you are satisfied with this new flight situation you have created, give it a name (example: "Cessna 310 at KTEB") and save the flight. You can also make it your default start flight if you wish.

It is important to understand that other 3rd party aircraft and settings that are saved with its flight can have detrimental effects on other aircraft that are subsequently loaded in place of that aircraft. This is why it is essential that you always first load your new aircraft "over" the default FS start flight, the one that has the Cessna on the runway at either Seattle or Chicago.

Under normal operation of FS, it is okay to have any flight situtation as your default start flight. HOWEVER, when you first load a new 3rd party aircraft, such as a DreamFleet aircraft, this should always be done over the default start flight that originally came with FS, not over some other flight that you created, especially one utilizing another 3rd party aircraft.

Thank you.