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Thread: 737 FMC: RUNTIME ERROR 339

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    Default 737 FMC: RUNTIME ERROR 339

    This runtime error is caused by the lack of a Visual Basic component and you will need to uninstall then reinstall the 737 and wait for the installer to complete the installation and then reboot your machine at the end. This will make sure the Visual Basic (VB) runtimes are properly installed.

    Lou Betti

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    Default RE: 737 FMC: RUNTIME ERROR 339

    Hi LOU
    Thanks for the 737 400 FSK2 aircraft
    I followed your indications to reinstall the aircraft after the run out time error i got recently. it all went fine!

    But i have a new issue now

    i can enter rwy departure and arrival in the fmc, but the EXC button does not light anymore at all when i try to enter the information

    take off from KSEA rwy 34R to PAE VOR and land back rwy 16L

    FMC will catch PAE Vor but the waypoints for rwy 16 L are not shown, it s like they re missing in the database. instead the fmc exc does not light when i force entering the rwys

    I have the latest airac , run XP home edition and other 3rd party planes

    Could it be an interference from another add on aircraft?
    or my virus program that i disable all the time anyway?
    can you help please i installed /reinstalled 3 times now with no succes

    Nasser Hssaini

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