1. Prior to installation: Do a disk defrag (this can actually be done either before or after installation).

2. After installation: It is essential that you do NOT load the 727 after any third party aircraft. You can start FS with the 727 selected in your default flight and you also may load it after any default aircraft (preferrably the Cessna 172). Location, weather, time and season do not make a difference.

[font color = red]Loading the 727 in place of another 3rd party aircraft, especially a complex one (example: The Flight 1 ATR), will almost certainly cause problems with the operation of the 727.[/font color = red]

This advice also applies to almost any 3rd party aircraft you may wish to load into FS for the first time.

3. Always save your flight with the 727 from the 2D cockpit view, and no other view. Doing this will allow the gauges and systems to initialize properly upon re-loading. This advice also applies to most other complex 3rd party aircraft.