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Thread: Where to find Ai Airbus like the Aardvark Boeings?

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    Default Where to find Ai Airbus like the Aardvark Boeings?

    Hello! Anybody knows where to download Ai aircraft with diferent "level of detail" design, like the ones in Aardvark?

    Im keeping Aardvark out of my choice cos they dont have Airbus aircraft, and i want to make a fleet of Airbuses.
    Ive tried the Fspainter aircraft but they are not as "frame rate friendly" as the Boeings from Aardvark (and not so beautifull)

    Ive searched the net for a while and didnt find one single Airbus for Ai using the LOD thing...

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    World of ai is a great place to go. They have tons of aircraft and they dont slow my computer down and i have about 30 airlines running all over my world. Give it a try

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