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Thread: AP v2.6 build 157 and polygons

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    sdsim Guest

    Default AP v2.6 build 157 and polygons

    I'm brand new to scenery design, having started last evening. So far I have been very impressed with this software. I have installed runways, taxiways, and figured out how to properly use the flatten tool. Everything is very intuitive, and I've even started placing buildings and add-on macros. But I have one major problem. For the life of me, I cannot build a polygon that is displayed in FS2K2. No matter what I try, there is nothing there (including using fixed textures, colors, etc.) In fact, when I do try to install a poly, it ends up hiding the runway, but not the taxiway. This happens no matter what level I assign to the poly.

    I have read all of the documentation, and as far as I can tell, I'm doing everything correctly. Has anybody else experienced this problem? I've looked in the archive, but have come up empty handed. I would really like to get this one function to work, since it will be critical for building any scenery. In the meantime, I think I'll try uninstalling the current build and starting with an older build to see if that makes the function work.

    I appreciate any help you can offer me.


    SD sim

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    sdsim Guest

    Default RE: AP v2.6 build 157 and polygons

    I discovered the problem. When I was attempting to create a polygon, I had selected the radio button for "asphalt, concrete" under the surface type option, assuming that I needed to do this. When I left it at the default setting of "none", everything was fine.

    I guess I made an asphalt out of myself :-lol


    SD sim

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  3. Default RE: AP v2.6 build 157 and polygons

    Hi David... The "Asphalt/Concrete, Dirt/Grass, Water, Inv Rwy or None" selections in the "Create Polygon" window should not affect your texture's visibility. Their only function is to assign the "Surface Type" to the polygon i.e. selecting water on a ground polygon with grass texturing will make your plane think it's on water --- all but floatplanes will sink into the "grass" water (yes that's wierd-but-true):-). Selecting asphalt/concrete surface type on the ground poly will "Smooth" the surface, preventing bouncing & dirt clods when taxiing on it, and etc, etc for all the other surface types. Selecting "None" simply does not install any surface type modification and the default FS2002 surface type prevails at the area where you're placing your ground polygon.

    I'd suggest you go back and leave surface type as "None" but: 1): make sure you browse/select a texture bitmap for the ground polygon to be painted-with, 2): Make sure the "Opacity" slider is set to a level between "Transparent" and "Solid", 3) Put a check mark in all the texture's capability options (Fall, Winter, Spring, Night, etc) and 4) set it's altitude at 0 (zero) "Above Ground Level". NOTE: Unless there is NO variation of the FS2002 default ground elevation at the location where you're placing your ground poly, you must place a flatten area where it appears, else the polygon will rest upon the highest (default FS2002) point and the texture may appear to float above ground at some places.

    'Hope this helps --- If it doesn't fix your problem please report-back on this forum.

    'Regards; J.R.

    P.S. I'm sitting here watching the Chargers v 49'ers game. It's time to fight-back SD... :-)

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    sdsim Guest

    Default RE: AP v2.6 build 157 and polygons

    Thanks for your help J.R. I have managed to apply the aforementioned "harden" surface, but it does not work properly if I use the asphalt, concrete function (as described above). Perhaps this is because I'm attempting to use the asphalt texture for the taxiway (asphalt.R8 file in the texture folder)? What does work fine is an invisible runway.

    While we're on the subject, what is the prefered texture for taxiways when using a poly? Also, I have figured out how to apply night lights (mine currently have the jagged appearance others have reported), but I cannot figure out how to apply edge lines. I thought this could be done automatically from within the poly creation tool, but perhaps I have to use the "create lines" option? It certainly would be nice to be able to apply edge lines in the same simple manner with which edge lighting is applied. But even without that, I must say this is an impressive freeware application.


    SD sim

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  5. Default RE: AP v2.6 build 157 and polygons

    Hi David.. Well, the SD Chargers made a comeback and pulled it out in overtime :-).

    OK on your progress... I don't think using the Asphalt.R8 texture should make any difference on how the "Surface Type" reacts. I usually use the "concrete.bmp" texture on my taxiways, aprons, etc made with ground polygons in Apt26. I think that texture is supplied in FS2002.

    Regarding the Apt26 surface type not working properly when you chose "asphalt/concrete", what's the nature of the problem? I recall a few months ago that there was somewhat of a problem with the smoothed area not precisely following the dimensions of the Apt26 graphic for the smoothed area but assumed that had been corrected by now. I think it may be hard to interface the Apt26 "surface type" graphic so that it's precise. That prompted me start using a small macro to do the surface type applications instead of the Apt26 polygon window's "surface type" choices. The main reason to do that was to have positive control of the size of the surface type area AND to not kill FS2002 default autogen pre-existing on and nearby the polygons I was making. You can find a copy of that macro in reply message #5 to an inquiry named "Background Map" dated July 21, 02 in this forum's archive. To use it, just copy/paste the macro (only) into a notepad file, name it with the suffix .api, and move into your Apt26\API folder. From there it's easily used by calling it as a "User API" in the <Create 3D object> routine in Apt26.

    Regarding making of Taxilines, you might be interested in taking a look at a thread from "Hydroxx" a few days ago entitled "Taxiways/Lines, what's going-on?". It pretty much discusses the drawing of FS2002 style taxilines onto your taxiway polygons using the <Create Lines or Lines of Objects> routine in Apt. I think that thread or another one within the last few days also covers the technique of illuminating your taxiway edges using the <Taxi> button on the Apt26 menu bar. I've not experienced any "jagged" lights yet so I don't know how to comment on that problem. As I recall that was reported to be some sort of problem with the way FS2002 painted the lights but again, I've never experienced it so I'm wondering if it might be somehow connected to the type of Windows operating system or video graphics accelerator card in use. I still use Win98 SR1 on an Athlon 1900+ platform and my video card is a nVidia TI200 card running a 450 mhz clock and it's running most scenery I've thrown at it very smoothly with all sliders maxed-out.

    If you read through the archived messages on this forum you'll find lots of helpful stuff to get started with.

    Good Luck; J.R.

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