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Thread: .oav and .af files in FS2002

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    betelgeuse Guest

    Default .oav and .af files in FS2002

    I cant find a way of viewing these and other similar files. I can view .bmp files without problems but neither PSP, Paint or Photoshop will open these older formats. I'd be glad of advice. Thanks.

    John Betel

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    Search the Library for Martin Wright. He has created many utilities for designers and among them, is a program called 'Show' which handles those file extensions.

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    betelgeuse Guest

    Default RE: .oav and .af files in FS2002


    Thanks. Will give this a try.


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    Hi John...
    You can probably set-up your PSP to view these file extensions also, as follows:

    In PSP, click-on <File\Preferences\File Associations and in that window, scroll down and click-on "Raw File Format". A list of viewable file extensions appears at the bottom of the window. To add the .oav, etc formats, click-on the <Extensions> button. In that window, click the <Add> button and type-in the "oav" or whatever file extension you wish to add to PSP's viewing capability. This should allow viewing and/or editing of all the older (Not DXT Format) texture bitmaps.

    Since PSP, Paint or Photoshop, by program nature do not draw OR EDIT 16 bit images and many of the FS2002 texture bitmaps are in the new 16 bit "DXT" format, when viewed in the standard paint programs, they only show-up as a compressed "gibberish" of the real texture bitmap. This is where the beauty (actually the necessity) of the Martin Wright utilities that Barney recommended come into play. For example,Martin Wright's "DXTBmp" program allows you to edit those texture bitmaps by sending the file to PSP (or other) paint programs where they can be edited as well as viewed and then returned to DXT format. Also, editable in this fashion are the individual "MIPs" and ability to edit the Alpha Channel for that FS texture bitmap.

    Martin Wright certainly should be commended for sharing his valuable tools. Run, don't walk to download his graphic utilities AND his special .dll fileset which is required for their usage. Meanwhile, on all but 16 bit compressed bitmap viewing and editing, I think you can add those extensions to PSP as outlined above and view and/or edit them.

    Hang in there "Old Man" :-)


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    betelgeuse Guest

    Default RE: .oav and .af files in FS2002


    Well thank you so much for this. I got a bit lost towards the end of the message at the .dll bit but I'm determined to get the hang of working with these files. I have MW's DXTBmp and Show programs - I hope these are enough to get me on the right track.

    As regards FS effects, I've managed to set fire to a large freighter but I need to do some fine tuning to persuade the fire that its just a fire and not a volcano! The MS Effects SDK is very helpful but will take a bit of unscrambling and a lot of trial and error.

    Keep smilin' young fellar!


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    Default RE: .oav and .af files in FS2002

    Hello John,
    If you are going to be using PSP to edit your .oav and .af files there is a helpful setup tutorial by Tim Dickens at :
    this site also has a copy of FS.pal which is the pallette file PSP will need to display your files correctly.
    Happy painting!!
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