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Thread: Taxiways/lines - what is going on?!?

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    Default Taxiways/lines - what is going on?!?

    Hello all! I am new to scenery design. I have been messing around with AFW 2.6 B157 for the past few days. Right now what is getting to me is the whole taxiway/taxiline thing. I think that i have searched the internet 3 times over looking for information to make my stuff work. This is what I am running into.

    1.) If i use the 'create taxiway' function and tell it to make a centerline and also do night lighting what i find is that the centerline is very thin and faint....excecially over longer distances. I have tried to segment the taxiway into smaller segments and that helped out somewhat but i was still not happy with the results. and if you segment it too much it starts messing with your blue side lights at night.

    2.) I saw someone had the suggestion of using a 3' road colored 09 (yellow) and insert the lines manually. I thought that would be nice..that way i have more control over my lines. Then what i run into is that at night the green centerline lights are there but in the day nothing....and then i started playing with the layers and i would be able to see the line but it was white and there was nothing that i could do to get it to be yellow.

    3.) What is going on with making the arcs for joining centerlines at intersections. I am thinking that would be easy if i used the 3' road approach but then again i cant get the line to become yellow. I thought that I saw somewhere that there was functionality being built into the taxiway function to make this easier.

    4.) I think that this is the last one for now. Is there a way that someone can explain to me on how to make you taxilines yellow with the black outline. I know that at a lot of airports this is how it is painted and with the project that i eventually want to do i will want to figure out how to do this. I have seen it in screenshots of others but have no idea as to how they did it.

    Hopefully I didnt put anyone to sleep on this one :D
    There is a lot of cool stuff out here that you can do that i never realized before and it makes the hobby of flight simming just that more entertaining. And also want to say thank you to the developers of AFW as you are doing a great job and service to the FS community by making a tool like this available and keeping it at a price that no one can refuse!!!!:-jumpy :-jumpy

    Keep Flyin'

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    Hi Dan.. See ** Suggestions below:

    **1) The 'Create Taxiway' routine is faster and probably in many cases suffices to give the designer what he wants. Using that 'Create Taxiway' routine causes a little more "automatic" hard coding to be applied into the taxiway and in some cases results in the conditions you've experienced with the night lighting and the visibility situation with the centerline.

    For those reasons, I prefer to use (and recommend) the 'Create Polygon' routine for taxiways with edge lighting and create the add-ons (center lines, edge lines, rwy hold lines, center lights, etc etc) with the "Create Lines or Lines of Objects" routine. This create lines routine forces use of the latest SCASM code for quicker, easier creation of lines that are curved with the "ARC" command and deals with all the varuous types of lines (center, edge, rwy hold, ILS hold, etc) and allows one to make FS2002 style lines very quickly; although it often requires careful application so as to make the lines appear where you want them on the taxiway. Another advantage is that all taxiway lines can be drawn with respect to a single reference point which, IT IS SAID, can be a saver of scenery frame rates.

    To make use of the single reference point strategy requires working on a top-down (background map) view of your scenery map and drawing (ALL) your lines onto it in a SINGLE 'Lines or Lines of Objects' creation instance (only one application of the 'Create Lines routine' for the whold airport). This requires quite a bit of going back and forth between your scenery in FS2002 and the Apt26 scenery working map view, correcting placement of lines until you get it right --- but when you get it right you have all taxiway lines working from a single ref point. Each use of the 'Create Lines' routine installs another reference point into your created scenery.

    **2,3 I don't think 'Roads' can be "ARC'd" the way the new SCASM lines can. To experiment and Learn "what's going-on" with the ARC (ing) of centerlines (and also edge lines), try the following: On your airport somewhere, using the "Create Lines" routine, draw lines to make a letter "L", with each of the straight components of the letter approx 200 meters long. Check the boxes for the type of taxiway (not rwy hold) line you wish and type-in 020 (zero two zero) in the "Arc Offset" box. Compile the scenery and you should see the "L" shaped config drawn as a yellow taxiline with a nice ARC where the perpendicular point of the "L" formerly existed. It appears that Apt26 places the arc between all straight line segments in this manner.

    NOTE: On the matter of black borders around the yellow taxilines, I'm guessing that must have been an add-on scenery with the taxilines done with custom bitmaps. If there's a way to do that using the SCASM or BGLC compiler, I'd like to learn that one :-).

    Here's a screenshot of all types of lines applied to taxiway and apron polygons using Apt26:

    This picture tries to show all types of lines as possibly applied by Apt26 using the ARCs to make them like FS2002 taxilines. You may need to copy this picture to your paint program and enlarge it to see the detail of the different types of lines and how they respond to ARC-ing.

    'Hope this is of help...


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    Default RE: Taxiways/lines - what is going on?!?

    OK, What am I missing has to be something obvious. I am working on using the polygon function for making taxiways yet I am not able to get the blue edge lights to show at all. I am also not seeing that option in the polygon properties. Help!! Thanks again!!!

    Keep Flyin'

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    Hi Dan... On your polygon, click on one of it's points, then click the <Taxi> icon in the Apt26 menu bar. You should then see the line segment associated with the polygon point you clicked-on change color on the workspace, meaning it will now have blue taxi lights at night. Proceed on all the other polygon points until you've "lighted" all the edges of your taxiway polygon you want lighted. By not clicking to illuminate certain points, you leave the intersections you wish unlighted.


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    Default RE: Taxiways/lines - what is going on?!?

    Thanks a lot! I knew that it had to be something easy that i was completely overlooking.

    Keep Flyin'

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