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    Whenever I join a multiplayer session (IP address), I can stay in the server for about 2 minutes. Then, the chat window up top says the server disconnected. I go to the server site and see that everyone else is in there still.

    I have a McAffee Firewall, but I allowed the IP I use ( and allowed FS2004 to have full internet access. I also have a wireless router which has its own firewall. I don't know how to disable the router firewall for FS, but usually I can't join any online games with that firewall for other games (WarCraft, etc.), but I can join FS games for about 2 minutes.

    I'm wondering if it's just that single IP that won't let me on. I haven't tried any other IPs yet.

    Can anyone help me?


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    Make sure the router is allowing port 23455 and 23456 through. Those are the ports FS-2004 uses.

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    If your flight sim is actually getting connected and takes you into the cockpit and then disconnects, then it may not be a port problem. Just to be sure that McAffee isn't causing the problem, disable it temporarily and then try to connect.

    FYI - to open the ports on your router, check your documentation that came with your router or go to and look up your router model and follow the directions on how to open or forward ports.

    Aside from ports 23455 and 23456 that FS9 uses, you will need to open up port 23432 if you use FSNavigator. For teamspeak (voice communications), you may need to open up additional ports (usually 8767). Depends on the port that the Teamspeak server you connect to. You might also have to open up ports 6073 and port range 2300-2400 for FSHost servers.


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    Thanks, guys.

    It still doesn't work.


    I can connect to the TeamSpeak server... even though I can't download TeamSpeak. I can stay and fly there.

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    How can you connect to teamspeak if you don't have teamspeak?

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    >How can you connect to teamspeak if you don't have

    I meant I could connect to the server on FS that people use TeamSpeak with.

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    Hey Kid,

    You might try disabling your firewall and anti-virus program just for the time that your on the server. Also go to the site Mike mentioned, , to set up your router as per manufacter's spec.Also some of us have been known to have a can of beer(or two) while we're on. All of these things helped with some connection problems I was having...;-). Let us all know how things turn out. Sooner or later we'll get you going.

    Good luck,

    Extensive flight planning is the key to proper operation.

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    This may be a silly assumption BUT you are logged into your computer with an Administrative status, right?

    I don't understand why you can't download Teamspeak. What IP are you using for the Teamspeak server? The FSHost server? What is the exact message you are getting when you get disconnected?


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    I've never played with the McAfee Firewall, but I used to use ZoneAlarm until I started flying online with some of these gents. I was experiencing various issues as well until I ditched it to go with a router instead. If you're using both, it'll be hard to tell which is at fault.

    Disable that firewall. I run McAfee AV and have no real problems, but I think the firewall would be a good place to start.

    Edit - I just saw you connected to the server, tried to send you a text message but you disconnected.

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