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    Default Very elementary How To

    For quite a number of years I have been using Flight Simulator in its various versions.

    Have never tried MultiPlayer until now when I would like to start observing it and eventually participating when some needed experience is acquired.

    Is there a very elementary How To article or review which would serve this purpose, starting with the basics of how to connect, how to use an IP, etc. ?

    Thanks a lot for any information.

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    Default RE: Very elementary How To

    Hi Clarindo,

    Thanks for dropping in to this forum.

    An elementary guide to the multiplayer features of FS2004 is inside the program itself. Open the Learning Center and then the Index. Under "Multiplayer" you will find topics on Chat, Connections, Settings, and Troubleshooting. If you haven't already done so, also read the FAQ in this forum.

    Geoff and I use a program developed by Russell Gilbert called FSHost to set up and manage multiplayer connections. Russell's site has some great information about FSHost and multiplayer. His site is at:

    After you have a look at this information, I'll be glad to set up a connection with you and go over any questions you may have.

    Best regards,


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    Default RE: Very elementary How To

    If you want it really basic.......

    An IP address is like a zipcode, it identifies where on the net the session is located.

    You ask someone who says they're "hosting" an event for their IP address (which they will know) and enter it into the Multiplayer screen.

    Hit the search button. FS goes off and finds the session.

    Job done


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