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    Default FORUM RULES

    [hr color=gray]


    In some cases, the owner of this site may be accountable. Thus, we will be conservative in our enforcement of these rules as required.

    [lu](A) - Users shall not post or transmit material through these forums that:

    [li]violates or infringes the rights of another (such as the unauthorized posting of trademarks, copyrighted material, and the like);[/li]
    [li]threatens, abusives, defames, or otherwise attacks another (such as through sociological, geographical, political, financial, or religious attacks);[/li]
    [li] contains profanity, vulgarity, or other obscenities;[/li][li]contains pornography or pornographic language; OR[/li][li]spams or otherwise has the effect of a mass advertisement or mailing.[/li][/lu]

    The aforementioned may be more easily understood from the following analogy--Imagine yourself being invited into OUR home. We have invited guests from around the world to join in. Each of these guests come from different sociological, geographical, political, financial, and religious backgrounds. We will supply the place in which to gather, but please understand that all of the guests here are our friends. If one comes in here and insults our other guests, pick fights, is rude, or generally disrupts the flow of our gathering, they will be asked to tone it down or leave. The rest of us just want to converse. However, this does not mean that our guests can't debate like adults (i.e. with respect and thoughtfulness). This also does not mean that our guests have to agree on everything, but again just act like an adult that has been invited into someone else's home!

    (B) - If you intend to use a signature banner in your posts, the maximum physical size allowed is 450 pixels wide by 120 pixels high. The maximum file size allowed is 25k. If you choose to use multiple banners, the above limits apply to the TOTAL phyical size (including space between the banners) and the TOTAL file size. Posts that exceed this rule may be removed without warning!

    (C) - As has been explained before, we reserve the right to restrict or prevent a user from using these forums, either through the locking and removing of threads or the outright banning of accounts and IP addresses.

    (D) - Furthermore, due to the varying nature of conflict or other issues that may arise, it should be understood that the application and enforcement of these rules or those otherwise deemed necessary may be enforced to a greater or lesser degree without warning.

    All that being said, many here will/should understand that these forums are meant to be a gathering place to discuss aviation issues--a place that is set aside to foster friendships, exchange ideas, and revel in our many differences that makes this such a wonderful international community!!

    Have fun and come back and contribute often!

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    Default RE: Possible Solution

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-22-02 AT 04:08AM (EDT)[/font][p]Hi Jeff, Drobson

    I've been thinking about ways to encourage forum members who persistently cross the line to change their behaviour and think that I may have a possible solution that would both cut down your workload and be acceptable to the group.

    Warnings followed by Temporary Barring Accounts

    Why would this work? All of us build up a history in our Screen names, in fact as could be seen from the recent Screen Name thread they are often very personal to the individual. The above action even if for just a day or two would send a very clear message that the "Handle" and the history behind it, is in the process of vanishing from the group. This would I believe result in a change of behaviour, if used with a respectful attitude and in the correct circumstances.

    What do you think?

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    Default RE: Possible Solution

    That is certainly an idea that we could consider. However, in many cases, the few people that tend to create conflict don't necessarily have a great pride in the community. Therefore, the goodwill or history (or lack thereof) associated with their screen name is often of no value to them. If we ban one name, they typically have no problem with just reregistering with a new name or a similar name.

    We are considering other options to handle future situations.

    Jeff S. KDTW - [email protected]
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    Default RE: FORUM RULES

    Is my signature banner okay or should I find a new one?

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    Default RE: FORUM RULES

    Looks fine to me. :D

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    Default RE: FORUM RULES

    Can you do something to this thread so that it won't go down on the topics list? We need everybody to see this.

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    Default RE: FORUM RULES

    Not possible with this version of the forum software. An update to the newest version is planned, which should allow "Docking", but no date yet as to when it will be implemented.
    [|Darrell's Page of Plane Things]

    [email protected]

  8. Default RE: FORUM RULES

    I agree 100%

    My opinions are these.
    Create three simple categories.
    "Subject matter"
    1) Flight or flight simulation related.
    2) Flight or flight simulation non-related
    3) Other

    2) This post is non-related to flight simulation.:-)

    Require the poster to declare one of these as the subject (theme if you will) of their post in the thread.
    If someone starts a post that is flight simulation related and someone else decides to make a political affair of it then they have to declare it non-related. If they misrepresent their intentions, and it's the boardís opinion they did so just ZAP it immediately or change the category. Then they won't get the attention they are after in causing problems anyway and it will soon go away.

    If they have some personal vendetta or remarks, which are, non-related to flight simming or flight then they MUST hit the non-related button or "other" button (choice). Simple as that.

    Then flight simulation hobbyists won't have to wade through all the crap to read something about the hobby.

    Freedom of speech is great, fine, wonderful, and fantastic, but preaching one's personal politics and ideals to a captive audience that came to enhance their interest in the hobby is being deceitful and should be treated accordingly. Its called misrepresentation.

    The fact that there is a rating system next door doesn't help them either. At this point in time, since it's new, people over there are afraid to comment negatively to anyone else, for fear of retaliation in the form of a negative rating.
    I'd go so far as to say they're walking on eggshells over there.

    That's suppression of freedoms in itself, and that will either lead to more politics or people will simply get bored and leave on their own accord. It will take a long time to iron all that out, but that's what will happen. In that format lies the potential for two or three people in a clique to burn a scarlet letter on someone's chest just because they said something that the clique disagreed with. That will happen, mark my word

    That just my idea. Let the flames begin.


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    Default RE: FORUM RULES

    How about "Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars" ?

    That should be for anything OUTSIDE of the guidelines.

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  10. Default RE: FORUM RULES

    From out of the clear blue of the Western sky, here's the guy to enforce the rules around here...

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