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    I've been using the Tower Tools thing to make AI flights but have two question. Whats the time difference from GMT to Central. And when programming for return legs do you go into military time?....and while I'm at it, if (like KAUS) there are only 3 heavy spots at an airport at a given time, will you only get three aiplanes until enough time elapses to where the gates open and another heavy can ocupy the spot?
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    GMT or now called UTC ( universal time coordinate ) is London time ( or in the military, it is known as Zulu time ). Central time is - 6 hours. For example 1200 ( or 12:00 PM civilian time ) in London or UTC is 0600 Central time ( or 6:00 AM ).
    I always use military time as to not get AM or PM screwed up, it is much simpler that way. The same goes for all other time zones. Eastern time is - 5 hrs, Central is - 6 hrs, Mountain time is - 7 hrs, Pacific is - 8 hrs, Hawaii & Alaska time is - 10 hrs. It gets a little tricky once you cross the International Time Zone because then it is the next day if traveling West. If you set your time to GMT & you are in Australia for example, it will calculate local time for you.

    Hope this helps


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    Default RE: GMT time and military time sure to allow for a change during Daylight Savings, if this should apply to your circumstances. Central US Time would then be GMT -5.0 ..

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    GMT is only London time during the standard time period. The U.K. observes Daylight Savings Time, so London ends up 1 hour ahead of GMT during that period.

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    London time IS GMT (or UTC as it is now called) year round. They are one and the same, so when London changes time, UTC does too. They do however change to daylight savings time one week earlier than the U.S. so for one week Eastern time is - 6 hours instead of -5 hours but one week later, things go back to normal.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was stationed in the U.S. Air Force in England and that's the way it worked back in the 90's.
    Things may have changed since then because there was talk when I was leaving the U.K. to return back to the States that they were going to do away with daylight savings time in England when the changed the name from GMT to UTC ( Universal Time Coordinate )

    I would hate to give out erronious information, so I will humbly accept the proper information if I am wrong.

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    UTC and "London" time are not always the same. UTC is a worldwide time standard and never changes. British Summer Time is always UTC +1 hour. That's the tremendous advantage to using UTC for any purpose where an activity spans multiple timezones - there is never a need to change times anywhere as UTC is always a constant no matter where in the world you are.


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