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    what is the null zone in a controller?

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    Sal Guest

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    When you have the controller centered, its outputs should be zero, but because it is a mechanical device, even though the springs center the joystick, the potentiometers may not go exactly to their neutral point.

    The null zone, or dead zone, is a way to calibrate the joystick to read zero even when it is slightly off center.
    For example, you take your hand off the joystick, but the plane still drifts in one direction a little bit. You would then increase the null zone value. When you move the joystick, nothing happens until you move beyond the null zone region, then it starts to take effect. Obviously, you want the null zone as low as possible as it will take away from the total travel of the controller.

    Hpoe this helps clear things up.

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    IWAZI Guest

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    What he said ^^^^^^


    While flying a helicopter it helps to have the null zone set close to zero. The smaller it is, the more your joystick picks up those fine control movements while hovering.

    It's a little less important when flying normal aircraft.

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