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    Something off the beaten path.

    Thought I'd make something a bit off the beaten path. Still have a bit of work to do to finish.

    Just don't try to ask...
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    RE: fsOC Is Seeking Airframe Modelers

    It's not really payware, when you let people download it for free and they don't have to pay for it.

    That's not going to be a very successful business model, and that's probably why you are having...
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    Sion - Matterhorn - Zermatt

    Taking the day to enjoy my new B206, I decided to see if I could locate the Matterhorn, located just to the Southwest of Zermatt, Switzerland. I had once seen the majestic Matterhorn from the air...
  4. Sticky: How to detect sim pauses (and other events)

    I use this method to detect when I need to turn sounds on/off.

    Define some globals to capture the state of the key events
    you will be monitoring in your callback.

    bool bPauseToggle; //...
  5. Sticky: Getting a Hex string in a dynamic tooltip

    Here's a little helpful tip which you can use if you need to
    display the hex string of a byte in a tooltip. This can be
    handy to display some debugging info, if nothing else during
    testing. I...
  6. Sticky: A que timer example for a FS gauge

    The following code can be used to setup a que timer to fire every 20ms (after 1 second wait time), and execute TimerCallback().

    // Que timers require Win 2000 min
    #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0500
  7. Sticky: Contributed FS Gauge Techniques - Benchmark Avionics

    To assist Bill in reducing pinned topic clutter, I decided that I might start this thread for techniques I might contribute.

    I would recommend that if someone has feedback on a tip or example that...
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    RE: FSX Third Party Planes

    >Why is it that no one seems to be producing any 3rd party
    >planes for FSX, there a very few free ones for the amount of
    >time FSX has been out. Pay planes seem to be non existent, is
    >there a...
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    RE: Gauge bitmap size

    >Is it better to start with a much larger size lets say 200 X
    >200 to make it easier to design or if the gauge size on the
    >panel will be 50 X 50 start with something about that size?

  10. RE: Easy way for C gauge to find aircraft using it?

    Hmmm that's what I was afraid of... but luckily I have an idea.

    I'm thinking of getting the info through an XML variable that gives me something from the aircraft.cfg, and then I can parse those...
  11. Easy way for C gauge to find aircraft using it?

    Anyone know of an easy way to determine which aircraft's panel your C gauge is being used by?
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