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  1. P-51D The Shark from Shoreham to Wycombe Air Park
  2. Spitfire at Duxford - New freeware scenery from ChicoMick
  3. Andrewsfield to Duxford in Airbus H145 Helo
  4. Flyingiron P-38L Lightning first flight
  5. Aeroplane Heaven Spitfire MkIa - First flight from Headcorn
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    Innsbruck to Salzburg by Optica
  7. First flight in the HPG Airbus H145 at St Barths
  8. IRIS Simulations Grob G115E / Tutor T.1 flight and review MSFS2020
  9. Bush flight in a J-3 Cub out of Valdez, Alaska
  10. Duxford to Goodwood in the Silver Spitfire
  11. Burning Blue Design Popham to Stonehenge and back
  12. T-6 Harvard lockdown vacation in Cyprus

    Well what you can't do in IRL you can do in the sim :pilot::D
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    A bit of sim comedy in the Skypark

    Most of the videos on the channel are more serious but every now and then this bloke pops up. This was episode 1
  14. Flying a P-51D out of Milford Sound, New Zealand

    A recent warbird flight from the channel, I hope you enjoy!
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