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  1. Yes, and it's really irritating!

    Yes, and it's really irritating!
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    No stuttering at full ultra? How robust is your...

    No stuttering at full ultra? How robust is your rig?
  3. Update: Lose some, win some...

    The sorry news: The Working Title G3000 mod does not work with the 7/27/21 update. I removed it and the G1000 mod from the community folder and the default G3000 MFD and PFD displays returned. I shut...
  4. 7-27-21 update has disabled Working Title G1000/G3000 mods!

    I downloaded the update late this afternoon. First I checked out one of the new sightseeing flights. I picked Bora Bora, a place we've been. I clicked on "fly" and found myself mid-air in a C-172...
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    Thanks Neil. I'm familiar with PilotEdge through...

    Thanks Neil. I'm familiar with PilotEdge through the YouTube tutorial I referenced way back whenever. I might try it someday. I can see that it would be very useful for you, since you're taking RL...
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    My call sign is alfa-lima-oscar-hotel-alpha...

    My call sign is alfa-lima-oscar-hotel-alpha (ALOHA), which ATC will often abridge to "oscar-hotel-alpha," prefaced by whatever plane I'm flying--most often the Daher, but sometimes the Bonanza. So...
  7. Smoky way to San Jose (and what I learned about the G3000)

    I took a short (22-min.), low-level IFR flight from Watsonville (KWVI) to San Jose (KSJC) in the Daher TBM today.

    Before taking off from Watsonville, I set my NAV1 radio to the LOC frequency for...
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    Lotta hand flyin' goin' on

    Took off from KSJC in the Daher TBM bound for KSMF (Sacramento Intl.) and inadvertently turned what should've been an easy 30-35 minute flight mostly on autopilot--save for the last few hundred feet...
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    So I took off in a B-787 (from KSJC) in MSFS...

    So I took off in a B-787 (from KSJC) in MSFS yesterday, just to check out the sim's instrument panel. It looks just like the RL thing, of course. When I visited the actual flight deck, the pilots...
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    Living the dream

    I RL-flew from KLAX to KORD Friday on an American B-787, my second trip in the Dreamliner. I was sitting in the forward cabin. While the flight was boarding, I was admiring the plane’s avionics...
  11. I might've been off by a digit. Off tomorrow for...

    I might've been off by a digit. Off tomorrow for Chicago in RL, from KSJC by way of KLAX. The flight out of KLAX is a Boeing Dreamliner; second time for me. It's a very nice wide-body, especially up...
  12. I saw somewhere that a G1000 can add $50,000 to...

    I saw somewhere that a G1000 can add $50,000 to the cost of a 172.
  13. Do his planes have the latest Garmin avionics?...

    Do his planes have the latest Garmin avionics? And if so, how do the Garmin screens in MSFS compare with RL?
  14. Welcome back!

    Hey, it's great to hear from you. I'd been wondering what you were up to. Your RL flying experience sounds fantastic. A while back, I circumnavigated Kau'i in MSFS, flying at about the same altitude...
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    KMCK to KDEN RL vs. MSFS

    I flew into Denver from Chicago in RL yesterday, in a United Airlines Boeing 777, landing on RWY 7. This is what the downwind leg looked like:

    I wanted to see how RL KDEN compared with...
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    Where did you fly today ?

    KSJC to KDEN (connecting to KORD)—on UAL for real
    Late departure from KSJC due to weather conditions enroute. Officially, I had an extremely tight connection and was worried I would miss it. I ran,...
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    Yup, mea culpa. Senior moment. The article says:...

    Yup, mea culpa. Senior moment. The article says: "For example, seaplanes will be introduced to the game with Sim Update 5 in July 2021." So sometime later this month, we'll get a plane with actual...
  18. Frame rate problems? Help is reportedly coming from Asobo

    "Asobo is introducing some substantial updates to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a livestream showcasing the forthcoming Sim Update 5, the development team did a compare and contrast between the two...
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    Global Update 6 coming in August

    Due out Aug. 24, it will reportedly bring enhancements for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. But more immediately (and buried in this story), we may get a true seaplane as early as July 5! :cool:
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    GCRR to GCRR and GCRR to GCLP (with no thanks to ATC)

    Having flown to Lanzarote (GCRR; Canary Islands, Spain) in the Daher TBM a couple of days ago, I went back for today an air tour of the island in a Cessna 172. I flew counterclockwise around the...
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    GCXO to GCXO and GCXO to GCRR (June 26)

    First, I flew an aerial tour of Tenerife (Canary Islands), taking off in the Beech Bonanza from Tenerife Norte (GCXO), climbing to a cruise altitude of around 12,000 ft. and flying clockwise around...
  22. Nice to see. Now, if the folks at Asobo/MSFS...

    Nice to see. Now, if the folks at Asobo/MSFS would just turn their attention to western British Columbia, where one of N. America's greatest ski areas (Whistler/Blackcomb) is notable by its total...
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    Almost-VR works for me

    VR is tempting, but I'm happy with TrackIR and plan to stick with it for now. I got TrackIR so I could keep runways in sight on downwind and base legs with a slight turn of my head, a big improvement...
  24. Couldn't activate ILS approach in Canary Islands

    I flew the Daher TBM from Tenerife to Lanzarote yesterday. The flight plan I set up on the World Map screen included an ILS approach at Lanzarote (Arrecife). Before taking off, I checked the PROC...
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    I second Plainsman's suggestion. I have the Steam...

    I second Plainsman's suggestion. I have the Steam edition of MSFS. I had a lot of problems with CTDs early on and went through several uninstalls, reinstalls, and even had to reinstall Windows once....
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