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    increase sim speed 2x-4x-6x

    I asked this question before and the answer was to hit the r-key then press and hold the the control key + or - on the number pad. This did not seem to work. Any other ideas?
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    Installing FSX on new computer

    I purchased a new computer to run FS 2020. Attempted to reinstall fSX on new computer now running on old. Install went well and when I attempted to start I keep getting a black screen and unable to...
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    Second sis drive for fs2020

    I have my entire flight sim with updates on my internal C 500g ss drive and running out of room. I have an external 500g ss drive I can add as a second drive. Which is the easiest way to offload some...
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    Increase sim speed 2X-4X-6X

    Maybe this has been covered before. It is there a way to increase sim speed as before? Hope not to find myself behind a actual flight for a long period of time before landing.
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    approach and landing A320

    No problem in flying to destination on direct route on autopilot. At about 130 miles out start decent from 37000. Now how do I set up a landing profile to say ATL?
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    a320 flap location

    Unable to find the flap indicator on the A320?
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    a320 MANUAL

    Is there any guide to flying the A320? . It seems I am doing something wrong. Setting the alt. to 40000. and auto thr engaged the aircraft is stuck on 10500. and 172 kts. Is there any guide to follow...
  8. Thanks. Found the missing ac.

    Thanks. Found the missing ac.
  9. Where is my premium delux ac I had before?

    After using the complete program for about a month I received the famous ERROR message. Unable to communicate with the content servers. Out of action for about three weeks and low and behold today...
  10. Still locked out of program with ERROR MESSAGE.

    i AM STILL LOCKED OUT OF PROGRAM WITH THE ERROR MESSAGE concerning content servers. I have a digital download and logged in and out of the store as shown for a possible fix. Still locked out. Unable...
  11. Where are the remaining files on the C drive?

    When I went to add/delete programs it showed about 9gb. I know the program has over 100 more somewhere? When I attempted to delete The program it only removed the nine. How do you remove the entire...
  12. Error access to content servers currently unavailable

    It is now three days I have been unable to access the program with the error message above. The workaround was to signout from your ms account. When you do that and restart the program it will ask...
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    Fs 2020 saved flight folder

    Where do I find the fs saved flight folder. Can I remove saved flights as well as add them? When I go to the folder the program freezes.
  14. Losing control after disconnecting autopilot Beechcraft Bonanza

    After flying on autopilot and approaching arrival airport I disconnect autopilot and alt. Hold to manually fly aircraft. When I do that the aircraft completely is out of control and crashes. I...
  15. How to increase simulator speed 2x, 4x etc?

    Having trouble advancing sim as stated above.
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    How to exit program to the desktop?

    I know this may sound silly but how to you exit program. Escape does not work to exit out.
  17. Help with new control and simulator commands

    Well very impressed with FS2020. What I not impressed with the difference in the new joystick controls and settings I was familiar with fs2004, and fx. Is there any guide I can purchase that can help...
  18. After new install when I press to fly screen turns black music still plays.

    On my old win10 laptop program worked perfectly. New dell computer I installed fresh from disks. I have the latest graphic drivers. Can not understand why program does not work. Screen goes black...
  19. Moving flight sim from one computer to another

    I downloaded program on my pc which does not have enough specs for optimum performance. Can I reload the program on another computer with better specs and performance. Can anyone recommend a laptop...
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    system requirements for fs2020

    I currently running a Dell inspiron laptop with the following : NVidia GeForce gt630m, 8ram, I-7-3632 220GH processor. All flight sims to date run fine with what I have.I would appreciate if one of...
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    Landing problems with fs4.

    It seems very difficult to hold the final approach with the joy stick upon landing. The aircraft seems to drift from side to side and difficult to control. All other aspects of the flight seem fine....
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    Active Sky 6.5 install on Win. 8.1

    I have a copy of AS 6.5 and attempted to install on my new computer. When the setup gets to installing Net Framework 1.1 setup it ends with the statement "setup has ended prematurely. Setup not...
  23. receiving the following message on start page of fs2004

    "The requested flight file is corrupt or can't be found. Flight Sim will now try to load the default file". The default file does [Cessna] load as stated and prior saved flights work fine. How do I...
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    Ms windows 8

    Installed in windows 8. Aircraft do not show when you select aircraft in create a flight. Just a black box. However when you select and then start flight the proper aircraft is loaded. Is there a fix...
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