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    Hi all, I am also looking for a better...

    Hi all,

    I am also looking for a better touchdown effect.
    Can anybody help me out finding the voodoo effect or any better recommendation?

    Thanks a lot
  2. PK8303 crash in Pakistan: Analysis based on real flight data in P3D

    Hi everyone,

    I put a lot of efforts in creating an in-depth analysis based on P3D and all currently available data and information on flight PK8303, which sadly crashed in Karachi, Pakistan last...
  3. Mixed Reality Cockpit Flight - Crashing an A320 in Innsbruck (EDDL-LOWI) - Livestream

    Dear captains,

    here is another stream in my mixed reality cockpit setup.

    Unfortunately the thurst-lever config on my controller was not setup correctly during landing, so I ditched the A320...
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