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  1. Can anybody make a 737-800 white with virtual passanger cabin?

    Hi, you guys that love doing planes for free, can anybody create a 737-800 with virtual cabin, no airline logo, just a white plane. I've been looking for a 737 with virtual passangers cabin (to have...
  2. Thanks!!!

    Hey thanks broh! problem resulted! ill posted in there! thanks anyway dude!
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    Sticky: COPA 737-800 for FSX repainted correctly! NOT LIKE HERRERA'S MODEL

    Hi, can anybody repaint copa airlines 737-800 correctly? The jorge herrera or whoever is WRONG!!!! He put the WRONG code and the aircraft is doesn't readable! (Sorry my bad english) Can anybody make...
  4. How to use FS design studio and how to create a airplane?

    Hi, i just downloaded FSDS V3 to create my own aircrafts, airports and scenaries (or how ever it writes, im not american or even british, im argentinian, so sorry for my bad english :o ) Okay, i know...
  5. Problem with Copa Airlines 737-800 textures Repaint by Jorge Herrera.

    I have a problem with that plane, when i open the file i expect to see this stuff:
    title=Boeing 737-800 Paint2
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