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  1. COCKPIT VIDEO - Fjords and Valleys in Western Norway (4K)

    A short video from our flight last weekend in a Cessna 172. Flying VFR over fjords and valleys in southwestern Norway. ATC communication is included, and English captions are available.

  2. COCKPIT VIDEO | Norwegian Ski Resorts and Winter Mountains

    Made a 5 minute video of my flight in a Cessna 172 this weekend in perfect conditions. Visited various ski resorts and the famous mountains Kjerag and Pulpit Rock. Best enjoyed on a 4K device :)
  3. Thanks! My first flight in the new sim was...

    Thanks! My first flight in the new sim was actually to this location. It's not the same :)
  4. COCKPIT VIDEO | Pulpit Rock, Stavanger and Norwegian Winter Mountains

    Hi! I'm a private pilot in Norway. I made a video of my last flight, hope you will like it! Best enjoyed on a 4K device :cool:

    Let me know what you think.

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