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    Will MS FLight Sim 98 work

    I have an earlier MS Flight Simulator software with a Sidewinder Precision PRO. What do I need to do to fly the simulator on a 32-bit Win-7 Pro (SP1) . Where can I get a workable driver for the...
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    ATC IFR approaches

    A used to be private pilot departing IFR from a point in space to an ILS approach to a transition point where the computed route shows a STAR is displayed but ATC gives an initial vector, then...
  3. Is it worth it to start building P3D now or go for MSFS?

    Hi there,

    in my lack of experience, my question is if it is still woth it to go for P3D or should i wait for MSFS? I always wanted to build a flight sim and I am an airliner guy. So i want to get...
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