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  1. How to convert .obj files to .mdl files?

    Hello all,

    I have decided to try to add a new vessel to FSX. I purchased a 3D boat model at TurboSquid in a .obj format. ModelConverterX states that it can convert .obj files to .mdl files,...
  2. Looking for Sikorsky MH-60T or mod to add third fuel tank to Aerosoft HH-60J

    Hello everyone in the FS community. Last year I had a working MH-60T helicopter but lost it in a catastrophic hard drive crash. Now I'm looking for it again and can only find references to the GTA...
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    I want to use the vessels with aicarriers as part...

    I want to use the vessels with aicarriers as part of my US Navy fleet. I did some work a while back with placing static scenery but really want it to be AI. I have not heard of "aibtc" but will...
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    AI FSF-1 Availability

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for any information about an AI version of the Aerosoft Seahawk / Jayhawk package vessel called the FSF-1 Fast Sea Fighter. I would really like to have a hard deck...
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    Stark Industries 737

    Question...Does anyone know of any designer working on a model of the Stark Industries version 737 from the second Iron Man movie? I would love to have one but I just don't have the technical...
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