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    splashtop xwired display for andriod

    i use splashtop xwired display for andriod for project magenta on screen fmc

    it turns your android display into a 2nd montor connected through usb 2 or 3 cable

    you can then move the x-fmc...
  2. WANTED ANY SUBLOGIC ATP USA SCENERY DISKS or a AS2 SCENERY can send money via paypal


    Im looking for any Sublogic ATP USA scenery disks (of major USA Airports)

    and also

    any addon sceneries made for

    NOMISOFT AS2 AIRLINE SIMULATOR 2 ( the Sublogic ATP sceneries...
  3. AS2 Airline simulator 2 Freeware Great britain Scenery made by Air Pierre

    Hello im looking for

    AS2 Nomisoft Airline simulator 2

    freeware Great britain scenery by made Air Pierre

    it was reviewed as the best looking scenery for AS2

    has anyone got it already...
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