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  1. Volga-Dnepr Antonov An124, Wamos Air 747s, Ethiopian 787, Corendon 737 4K Video Londo

    Hi, here is a video compilation from London Stansted featuring a number of rare visitors. It includes Wamos Air Boeing 747s, the airline has recently retired these aircraft.

  2. Heathrow Airport - 4K arrivals on Runway 27R, Virgin, BA, Biman, Alitalia, iberia

    From London Heathrow Airport this 4k video was shot on a pretty windy day and captures a number of different aircraft on final approach including Boeing 787 of Virgin and Biman, 777 of BA and Qatar,...
  3. Boeing 747-8 video with BA World Cargo, Turkish Govt, Atlas, Panalpina, Cargolux 4K

    Here is a film I made of Boeing 747-8 aircraft over years of filming at London Stansted Airport. Many operators and liveries included.
  4. Cargolux Retro livery Boeing 747 wet runway, Ilyushin IL-76 and Air Senegal A330-900

    Filmed at London Stansted Airport some interesting visitors
  5. Spotting at London Luton Airport Wizz Air, EasyJet, Ryanair as Lockdown Lifted

    As the Covid-19 lockdown begins to be lifted here's a video of some aircraft at London Luton Airport, including up close with easyJet A320 neo, Ryanair 737 and a number of Wizz Air Airbuses

  6. Storm Dennis | Planes landing at London Stansted Airport in Strong winds and rain

    Here is my video from Storm Dennis in the UK with FedEX Boeing 767 and 777, Ryanair, Jet2 and Enter Air 737's.
  7. Uzbekistan, Air India 787, Emirates, Qatar Amiri Flight & Rare Airbus A310 [4K] VIDEO

    Some up close views of Air India 787 Dreamliner, Qatar Airbus A330, Emirates Boeing 777, Uzbekistan 767 and National Legacy Airbus A310.

    All these were filmed at London Stansted Airport
  8. Spotting video from London Heathrow Airport

  9. President Trump arrival at London with Osprey, VH60, Air Force One and more

    US President Donald Trump arrived at London Stansted Airport in the UK aboard Boeing VC-25 02-9000. Air Force One landed mid afternoon as Trump began a two day visit to the UK.

  10. Waving Pilots at London Stansted - up close views Ryanair, BA Cityflyer, Jet2 & more

    This planespotting video from London Stansted Airport features a lot of up close action of many airlines and aircraft at London Stansted Airport including Ryanair, easyJet,, Pegasus, Air...
  11. Primera Air Launch London to New York Flights using National Airlines B757 1st Flight

    Primera Air launched their low-cost scheduled flights from London to New York on 19th April 2018, this follows a few weeks after flights to European destinations.

    European operations use Boeing...
  12. Hi Jim, yeah it's a big beast of a jet for sure,...

    Hi Jim, yeah it's a big beast of a jet for sure, and always enjoyable to see both on arrival and departure. Often these require a good time on the runway prior to departure to get engines warm and...
  13. Aircraft Overhead - London Heathrow / London Stansted Airbus A380 MD11 An124 and more

    A slightly different video of aircraft flying overhead on approach to Heathrow and on finals / departing from London Stansted Airport.
  14. Boeing C-17A Globemaster III Military Transporter of Kuwait Air Force, Boeing 737-300

    This Kuwait Air Force Boeing C-17A Globemaster III was an unusual visitor to London Stansted Airport. Also included on the video is a Maleth Aero Boeing 737-300 and TAG Aviation Boeing 757 in all...
  15. Bombardier C-Series CS100 (Swiss) & Transavia B737 "Peter Pan" livery [4K]

    A Bombardier C-Series CS100 of Swiss was one of a few diversions at London Stansted Airport during a named weather storm. Also of note a couple of Transavia charter flights, including Boeing 737-800...
  16. Rare Maximus Air Cargo Antonov An-124 landing at London Stansted Airport

    This giant arrived at London Stansted on 4th October 2017 and is a rare sight in the Maximus Air Cargo livery.
  17. RARE DEER Jet Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 727 and Airbus A319CJ at London Stansted

    I recently filmed a number of rare aircraft at London Stansted Airport including the Deer Jet Boeing 787 Dreamliner departure.
  18. Bombardier C-Series CS100 and Airbus A320neo Video

    Both the Bombardier C-Series (Flight Test Vehicle) and Airbus A320neo have been visitors to London Stansted recently. This video captures both aircraft. The Bombardier using Pratt and Whitney...
  19. Crosswind Go-Arounds Touch & Go Ryanair Go Around 747 Do328 Airbus Storm Wild Weather

    Hi here is a video I shot at London Stansted during Storm Doris. It features a handful of the many go-arounds and missed approached including a touch and go by Ryanair 737 and a couple of 747...
  20. Great Sound | ANTONOV AN-124 | London Stansted Departure Feb 2017 | UR-82007

    Antonov AN-124-100M, UR-82007 was at London Stansted Airport on 4 February 2017 and this is the early morning, wet departure from Runway 22 as it flew out to Zurich.

  21. Cobalt Air A319, Atlas Global Ukraine A320, Funair Corp 757 [4K]

    Hi I shot this video from London Stansted Airport and it includes a number of firsts for me including
    TUI 737-800 in the revised livery
    Cobalt Air Airbus A319
    Atlas Global Ukraine A320
    and Funair...
  22. Qantas Boeing 747-400 | Brunei Government 747-8 | London [4k]

    Qantas operated a couple of rare charter flights to London Stansted in December 2016, here is the departure of VH-OEF along with Brunei Government 747-8

  23. Wizz Air Hungary Low Cost Airline at London Luton Airport [4K]

    Filmed at London Luton Airport, this video features Hungary-based low cost airline, Wizz.
  24. Norwegian Boeing 787-9 London Stansted Airport [4K]

    This aircraft made a diversion from London Gatwick
  25. Epic 25Mins of Planespotting in 4K Ultra HD from London Stansted Airbus Boeing Embrae

    This Plane Spotting Video is 25mins long and in 4K Ultra HD. It's my longest Aviation Video upload featuring aeroplanes landing and taking off from London Stansted Airport. The video features many...
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