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  1. VR 360° Cessna 172 flight over Stavanger and Sandnes (5K Ultra HD)

    Join me in this short local flight, where you can control the camera angle as you wish. Use your phone, mouse or remote control - based on your device. Filmed with a GoPro MAX in 5K Ultra HD.
  2. COCKPIT VIDEO - Fjords and Valleys in Western Norway (4K)

    A short video from our flight last weekend in a Cessna 172. Flying VFR over fjords and valleys in southwestern Norway. ATC communication is included, and English captions are available.

  3. COCKPIT VIDEO | Norwegian Ski Resorts and Winter Mountains

    Made a 5 minute video of my flight in a Cessna 172 this weekend in perfect conditions. Visited various ski resorts and the famous mountains Kjerag and Pulpit Rock. Best enjoyed on a 4K device :)
  4. Thanks! My first flight in the new sim was...

    Thanks! My first flight in the new sim was actually to this location. It's not the same :)
  5. COCKPIT VIDEO | Pulpit Rock, Stavanger and Norwegian Winter Mountains

    Hi! I'm a private pilot in Norway. I made a video of my last flight, hope you will like it! Best enjoyed on a 4K device :cool:

    Let me know what you think.

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