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  1. Anyone have Technic Direct HQ-Aircraft Collection 2?

    I am looking for the panels in this collection, if anyone could help me out. It is quite impossible to find anywhere online or on ebay.
  2. Looking to trade old Flight Simulator 5.1 software

    I would be very grateful if anyone would dig out their old FS5 stuff, I am especially after the following:


    Apollo Collection 1: Airbus Family
    Apollo Collection 2: Boeing Family...
  3. Brand new Business Jet Panel for Flight Simulator 5.1!

    I noticed there were surprisingly few panels for the standard Learjet, or any business jet in general for FS5.1. If you are flying big birds there are some great panels around, but very few for...
  4. Does anybody have the PROPELLERhead/PhD Panels?

    I am looking for working / registered versions of the PROPELLERhead/PhD Panels for FS5.1. Very little to find about them online, though they got great reviews back in the day!...
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