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    Il-2 sturmovik power.

    A brave IL-2 Sturmovik pilot provides close air support! The Russian ground troops are attacking a German Supply depot, unfortunately the attack is repelled by strong German fortifications. A lone...
  2. Ground attack more fun then dogfighting?

    I'm starting to think playing in the ground attack role is more fun then playing as a pure fighter? Or, maybe it is just the fact I cant Dogfight to save myself! :pilot:

    I have a short compilation...
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    strafed on landing how common?

    Every now and then I get strafed on landing. Would be good to know how c
  4. I sure learned about this the hard way :pilot:

    I sure learned about this the hard way :pilot:
  5. Me-262 only brought down during at landing?

    Anyone know if the 262 was taken down in a dogfight?
    I seem to get done on the landing when using the Me-262.
  6. yep damn thing nearly flipped!

    yep damn thing nearly flipped!
  7. Should you land flaps up or down in this situation

    I was in a bf-110 one side of the flaps got blown off also half of the rudder.

    In any event I put flaps at 100%. Well, this made the plane want to roll violently over. You can see the landing in...
  8. He-111 engine fires and Explosions new update/patch 4.005b

    A compilation involving the demise primarily of He-111's. New damage model updates in this patch.
  9. thanks for replies! :pilot:

    thanks for replies! :pilot:
  10. debris hitting engine was it common?

    First time I got some debris to hit my engine. Totally destroyed the prop.

    Anyone know if this was common in ww2?
  11. thanks for tips ill try to apply next time!

    thanks for tips ill try to apply next time!
  12. Bailing out of a fighter with engine fire Yes or no ?

    Seems like ALOT of fire will hit you when you bail due to the wind pushing the flames directly over you?

    I have been trying to bail more often then land when on fire.

    I have noticed in IL-2 you...
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    some more LOW ALTITUDE BAIL OUTS! Bomber...

    some more LOW ALTITUDE BAIL OUTS! Bomber SPECIAL! IL-2 sturmovik
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    Whats the min altitude you bail at?

    instead of crash landing and exploding I have be trying to bail out more often! anyone have rules what height/min height to bail at?
  15. P-40 Mayhem: IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles

    Just got the P-40 been flying it abit. Seems to me the 50 cals do great work against bombers like the he-111. Does anyone know if the P-40 ever had cannon fitted to it?

    I find it easier to hit...
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    Ju-88 better or worse then he-111?

    I have been flying the ju-88 abit lately. I find it tends to catch fire easier then the he111.

    It seems less durable then the he-111. Also, it seems less stable then the he-111 when at slower...
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    Flying in the clouds

    When in clouds I tend to rely on the artificial horizon to remain level.
    However, as can be seen in the video I always tend to loose my bearings when I look away.
    What can I do to get the...
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    J-52 pilots do you use flaps?

    I just started with the ju-52 and the flap selection is rather different then the other bombers and fighters.

    Seems you need to move the horizontal stab after activating the flaps.

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    Happy new year flightsim!

    Hope everyone has a great new year!
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    I think cannon fodder would be a great title for...

    I think cannon fodder would be a great title for the vid! hope you dont mind if I use it!
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    I remember someone saying that only the elite...

    I remember someone saying that only the elite where picked to fly the bombers he111 at first
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    Is the he-111 a wolf or sheep?

    Does upgrading the weapons of the he-111 to cannon really help any when fighting off fighters?

    What do you guys think ? are you ever worried when attacking the he-111?

    For me when there is a...
  23. Fire in the Air - crashes and fails

    When fire consumes a plane should you bail out or land?
    In this crashes 'and' fails volume I decided the best option was to try and land the plane while it was on fire.

    The game is il-2 'Battle...
  24. Thanks johnost! you pc specs look good im...

    Thanks johnost!

    you pc specs look good im jealous
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    escaping 8 bf109s

    had to try some out of box thinking to avoid these fighters
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