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  1. I have now been told that while it is possible to...

    I have now been told that while it is possible to install a second operating system,it would have to be part of the main drive of the computer, (machine within a machine )it is not a very good way...
  2. No Joystick control in Combat F S Europe ( 1998 ) with windows 10 O S

    I have posted many times on many sites about the loss of joystick control on Combat Flight Sim Europe ( 1998 ) but also on the other Microsoft 2002 2004 games and add ons from Just flight that no...
  3. Combat Flight Simulator WW11 Europe Series 1998

    Hi, is there anyone out there still using the original CFS on version widows 10 64 bit ? there is a Joystick problem, ( it won't work ! ) but I do understand some players have got it working, but...
  4. Rolling back Windows updates until FSx works again

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to get FS x to install and run in windows 10, it did work OK but after a lay off and I assume several windows update I came back to it and found it would not open,...
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    FSx, 2004 , 2002 and combat.

    Windows 10 and Flight Simulators

    I have used Flight simulators for many years and with many operating systems. We all slowly had to change as Windows bribed, coerced or even blackmailed us into...
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    Can't install FS x in windows 10

    Like so many others I cannot install the Microsoft FSx de lux version on my computer. In my case even the initial install wizard never completes it work and shuts down half way through even before...
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    Poll: Gypsymoth My personal opinion is DON'T change ...

    Gypsymoth My personal opinion is DON'T change ! The assistance received from Windows 10 is minimal and usually directs you to earlier system cures which you cannot apply, you will see there are...
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    Poll: I have gone down almost every road to get it to...

    I have gone down almost every road to get it to work , I tried trouble shooter in windows 10 but the program ( installed ) is not listed and when putting the file name in manually it is not...
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    Thanks pyroman6x9x9, I will try that but as I got...

    Thanks pyroman6x9x9, I will try that but as I got a bit fed up I decided to uninstall it and start again to see if that worked, but as yet I haven't got round to installing it again, (it takes a...
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    Joystick and mouse control

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has come across this problem, when I use the joystick the aircraft behaves normally but if in virtual cockpit view and I can see the control column if I move the mouse from...
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    Reluctant to change

    Hi, I had the old CFS Europe for years but when I had to change computers and went onto windows 7 64 bit the program would not work in spite of all my attempts, it was some time before I bought CFS 3...
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