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  1. There's a place in the Archive section for FS4...

    There's a place in the Archive section for FS4 all the way at the bottom. You're also not the only one playing FS4. I am currently working on an adventure file complete with ATC recorded files for a...
  2. The Flight Simulator World Tour featuring FS98, FS9, FSX X-Plane 11, and more!

    These are the first videos of my rather ambitious tour around the world featuring FS98, FS9, FSX, XP11, and many others. The goal is to fly throughout every state, country, territory, island, and...
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    FS2000 doesn't have ATC. That didn't arrive until...

    FS2000 doesn't have ATC. That didn't arrive until FS2002. You would need to buy ProFlight 2000 in order to get ATC, which will be in the form of adventures. The old versions of Radar Contact could...
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    FS4 Scenery - File too large error

    I'm trying to use some of the FS4 scenery files that are hosted on this site, but I am getting the following error: "File too large for current memory allocation"

    I'm running in Dosbox 0.74. The...
  5. WTB: Europe 3 and Apollo Collection 2 & 3 for FS5.1


    I'm working on a video series featuring FS 5.1, and I am looking for software to complete the collection I have as well as being featured on the video series.

    All three of these were...
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    Need help with Airport 2.6

    Does anyone remember how to use and troubleshoot compilation errors with this program? I've tried "package scenery for distribution", but it's not creating a zip file, even though it says it did.
  7. SID/STAR comparison between VoxATC, PFE, and RC4

    I currently have VoxATC-X 5.63, which I really like although it has some quirks about it. That'll be for another post. This post is about STARs/SIDs.

    I like how I can get it all set up in VoxATC,...
  8. Did anyone respond? I believe I still have my...

    Did anyone respond? I believe I still have my Europe 1 and 2 scenery.
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