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  1. Did you ever finish your KENV for either 50's or...

    Did you ever finish your KENV for either 50's or even better 40's? I am currently just starting to put together the 461st BG B-24 Liberaiders in FSX and would sure love a copy if you would share it.
  2. Virtual Carrier Airwing Nine Recruiting Pilots

    Why would you want to join vCVW9?* After many years of participating in virtual airlines and virtual Navy and other military groups, I decided to create a little different type of virtual...
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    CVW9-1970 is Recruiting

    I have been in quite a few virtual airlines civlilan and military in my 10 years of flight simulation and I think have learned a lot. I have created a new military (Navy) VA over at...
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    I have the Iris Warthog and love it in FSX. I am...

    I have the Iris Warthog and love it in FSX. I am waiting to buy the Tacpak later. It flies like a dream for me and I don't have that great a computer (5 yrs. old). Anyway, windows Explorer and go...
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    What It's All Really About Isn't It?

    Gemini Air Cargo Virtual uses the logged hours for promotions but our promotions are just a way of recognizing experience no special privileges or restrictions. We credit 100% of VATSIM or IVAO...
  6. If You Are Looking to Fly virtual U.S. Navy differently, check us out.

    Right off you are saying that there are already USN virtual groups online, yes there are and they are excellent va's run by really great people, but we're different. How? We don't require you to...
  7. 401st Bombardment Group is recruiting Pilots

    Have you ever looked up in the sky and watched the graceful contrails behind the beautiful B-17 at an airshow? You start unconciously daydreaming that you're the pilot of that bomber soaring over...
  8. Virtual 401st Bombardment Group (H) is operational

    Have you ever looked up in the sky and watched the contrails forming tails behind the four Pratt and whitneys of a B-17 Bomber and wondered what it was like to pilot them over WWII Europe? Want to...
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    My Holiday Airlines Virtual Expansion

    My Holiday Airlines Group announced today the formation of two new divisions: Express Connect and My Holiday Cargo. With the purchase from Miami Air of 3 B738s and the purchase from an undisclosed...
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    Omni Air International Virtual

    There's a "new kid" in town by the name of Omni Air International Virtual airline. We are a different kind of va in that we do not have a list of constant scheduled flights. We fly CRAF, tour...
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