How to use the Auto Pilot in Carenado TBM 850

  1. DTumminia
    I am perplexed at using the Auto Pilot. No problem with other Auto Pilots. This plane has a G1000 cockpit.
    Don T
  2. maggit
    Hi Don, I agree, some aspects of it have been hard to get a hang of. Flight Level Change doesn't seem to do what's expected. I push it at a certain airspeed and the plane then levels off, picks up speed, then continues to climb or does the opposite for a descent. My assumption is that it's supposed to hold the airspeed when the button is pressed then adjust the climb or descent rate to hold that speed. You can adjust the speed with the UP/DN wheel but that doesn't seem to respond much either with speed. Feels like you have to use both FLC and VS together for some reason.

    Also, my understanding is that you can arm the Approach mode when on a heading and altitude waiting for the localizer to come in, but when I push it, it starts turning right away and descending even though I'm in ALT hold mode.

    But overall it's been good after playing around with it for a while, besides what I just mentioned. What problems are you having?
  3. DTumminia
    Sorry I missed your reply, my apologies. Since then I have played with the AP some, but I don't think I am using the correct procedures and I haven't figured out how to set the air speed. Any further suggestions would be appreciated.
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