installation problem scenery cab-file

  1. horstsl
    running fsX and fs9 on a partition on a Mac, I am happy to have reloaded the 'old' FS9 doing a much better job than X on this challenging environment.
    Anyway, during the installation I ran in the problem that the cab-file SCENERY/afri can not be read from my CD.
    I can start and run FS9, but each time I get the error message

    "Local scenery directory (scenery/Afri/SCENERY)
    in scenery Area.003 not found..."

    Question: can anybody help me out with a copy of the cab-file "Scenery/Afri" from the original FS 9 installation CD?

    Any help highly appreciated,
  2. abdul121
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  3. abdul121
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