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    X-Plane - X-Plane Early Aircraft
    X-Plane 11.50+ Henschel HS-123 Package 1.0.1
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    Size: 175,323,940 Date: 05-17-2021 Downloads: 84

    X-Plane 11.50+ Henschel HS-123 Package 1.0.1. HS-123 package comes with four variants. Two military: one with and without wheel pants. Two civilian: one with and without the aux tank. The civilian one comes with a Garmin 530 mounted where the weapons control switches would be. The military one just has a weapons control switch area there and no Garmin. HS-123s were dive bombing/close support aircraft flown by the German Luftwaffe, Spanish Air force, and Republic of China Air Force. They were produced from 1936 to 1938 and about 265 of them were built. The demilitarized version is fictional but it is fun and it comes with some fun paints. The military version paints come with two options: one with the classic insignia (labeled with a 1 after the name in liveries in the aircraft select menu) from WWII, and alternate versions without the "unfriendly square thing" on the tail for those who prefer that. Oh by the way. there's a cockpit diagram in the aircraft's main folder titled "COCKPIT LAYOUT" as some of it is a little unconventional. This is my second ever try making custom gauges so don't get too excited about them. This is completely optional, and I don't want you to feel like I'm sitting on the X-Plane curb holding out an old coffee mug, but if you like this little Henschel, spare change donations are appreciated. I've added donation links in the documentation (but it's entirety optional). Version 1.0.1: fixed high idle. This aircraft is distributed as freeware. Do not modify, redistribute, or otherwise reproduce any of it without prior permission. Author J. K. (A-Pilot).

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