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    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery
    FS2004 Scenery--Fort Hope CYFH
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    Size: 5,114,302 Date: 11-26-2020 Downloads: 99

    FS2004 Scenery--Fort Hope CYFH, in northwest Ontario, Canada. This scenery is of Fort Hope (also known as Eabametoong First Nation) in northwest Ontario in 2010, approximately. The population is in the region of 1,000 of the Ojibway First Nations and the location is on the northern shore of Eabamet Lake, some 100 miles east of Pickle Lake. There is no year-round road link to the settlement. The scenery between Pickle Lake and Fort Hope is typical of northwest Ontario; flat, numerous lakes and streams, forests, and open grassy areas that are sometimes somewhat swampy. There are no landmarks to guide you unless you have either a chart that confirms you are flying over the lake that is the right shape, or a gps. Fort Hope has an airfield with a lit gravel runway of 3,500 feet, aligned 09-27 and with PAPI at both ends. The settlement is to the south, between the runway and the lake. In case you wonder why I show settlements sometimes by using ground textures that generate houses etc, and sometimes by making roads and then placing my own houses:- the answer is that town textures are easier, but if town textures are too close to the grass of the airfield then at night the town lighted textures also show up in the grass. One of the many complications of making FS2004 scenery. This is the second of around 20 airfields in northwest Ontario. I have included the textures here, and I would like some of the early down-loaders to test something for me and to let me know by email. Hold the texture folder in reserve when you add the scenery folder contents to the Pickle Lake scenery. Look at the Fort Hope scenery and see if all the buildings etc have textures. If yes, tell me. If no, tell me which ones. Then if there are missing textures you can add the ones included here. I cannot be 100% sure that I included all the required textures with the Pickle Lake post as I have no way to test that. By Roger Wensley.

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