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    X-Plane - X-Plane Scenery
    X-Plane 10 And 11 Scenery--PANN Nenana 1.0.3
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    Size: 70,550,439 Date: 06-02-2020 Downloads: 37

    X-Plane 10 And 11 Scenery--PANN Nenana 1.0.3. Nenana airport is 37 KM, 245 degrees from Fairbanks International Airport where the Nenana River enters the Tanana River. It has two runways: 4L/22R with a 4,600 x 100 ft asphalt pavement and 4R/22L with a 2,520 x 60 ft turf surface. It also has a seaplane landing area designated 4W/22W which measures 3,601 x 100 ft. Nenana is a great place for a fuel stop too. On January 17, 2007, a Douglas C54G-DC airplane sustained substantial damage following an in-flight engine fire and subsequent gear-up landing on the tundra, about 5 miles west of Nenana. The fuselage of the plane was moved to Nenana airport where it is still there today. Requires: 3D People Library (3D_PEOPLE_LIBRARY.ZIP), BS2001 Object Library (BS2001_OPEN_ME.ZIP), CDB library (CDB_LIBRARY.ZIP), FlyAgi (FLYAGI_VEGETATION.ZIP), The Handy Object Library (THE_HANDY_OBJECTS_LIBRARY.ZIP), JB Library (JB_LIBRARY.ZIP), Madagascar Library (MBA_110.ZIP), MisterX Library (MISTERX_LIBRARY.ZIP), NAPS Library (NAPS_LIBRARY.ZIP), OpenSceneryX (OPENSCENERYX.ZIP), R2 Library (R2_LIBRARY.ZIP), RA Library 1.2+ (RA_LIBRARY.ZIP), RD_Library (RD_LIBRARY.ZIP), RUScenery (RUSCENERY.ZIP), Pavement Paintings Library (PPLIBRARY-V-1-2-1.ZIP) and the PM Object Library (PM_LIBRARY.ZIP). Version 1.0.3: Added tree object to package from FlyAgi_Vegitation since new update of library causes error code on this object. Also included zzz_new_zealand_overlay to put in custom scenery if you don't have it to avoid another error code. By David Flamm.

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    File Library Icons:    Complete aircraft with model, panel, sound Aircraft base model from original designer Artificial Intelligence (AI) Aircraft