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    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery
    FS2004 Scenery--St Lawrence Island AK
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    Size: 12,571,051 Date: 01-23-2020 Downloads: 124

    FS2004 Scenery--St Lawrence Island AK, Gambell PAGM and Savoonga PASA, USA. St Lawrence Island is in Alaska, but "in" is slightly misleading as it is in fact in the Barents Sea and 120 miles from the Alaska mainland, and only around 40 miles offshore of Russia. The island is around 100 miles long, with two villages and at the eastern end an old air force radar base that was cleared away some 25 years ago. Gambell is one of the two villages and is at the far western end of the island, with a population of around 700 living mainly from the sea. This northern airfield is unusual in that it has an asphalt runway and apron, the lit runway being aligned 16-34 and just over 4,500 feet long. The reason for the asphalt becomes apparent if you try walking in the vicinity, as underfoot there are rounded pebbles down to varying depths, and they are quite small and eventually slippery enough to trip you up. To base a flexible gravel runway on top of this would have been difficult, and when it was originally built it was for an air force base (closed long ago). The village is also fairly unique among northern settlements in that it has wind turbines and also solar panels. The second village is Savoonga and is around 40 miles east of Gambell with a similar population. The runway here is lit gravel aligned 5-23 and 4,900 feet long. This village also has wind turbines and solar panels. There are no vehicles (cars, pickups, trucks etc) on the island, mainly because there is nowhere far to go to and in the case of Gambell because roads as such would be difficult to create. ATV's are the standard way to go, along with small boats for fishing and whaling. At the eastern and of the island the remaining traces of the air force radar base are just the gravel runway and aprons, inluded with the Savoonga scenery. The AI inclded here is for daily flights from Nome by ERA and Bering Air, along with some GA. Also included here is the EZ library that includes the wind turbines, to save you looking for it. Installing this will also mean that a wind farm in my Cyprus scenery wii now be visible to the north of Larnaca, and there are other libraries in the series that include useful objects. The Lens_EZ_Animated library could go into your static objects folders; up to you. A note about my scenery making: two more to go. By Roger Wensley.

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