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    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery
    FS2004 Scenery--Golovin N93 and Solomon AK26
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    Size: 4,581,386 Date: 06-19-2019 Downloads: 109

    FS2004 Scenery--Golovin N93 and Solomon AK26 in Alaska (AK) USA. Golovin is a coastal fishing village 70 miles east of Nome and around 20 miles west of Elim, with a population of under 200. The village is a check point on the Iditarod race and the name originates from a Russian admiral in the far distant past. The airfield has a gravel runway which is over 4,000 feet long; the older runway amid the village housing is still visible but not usable. The majority of flights to and from the airfield originate in Nome, but there are also others to and from nearby fields such as Elim, Unalakleet, Shaktoolik, and Koyuk. The AI includes a daily ERA flight. Most flights to villages of this size are in fact not "scheduled", but are "air taxi" being used by three or four villagers to go supermarket shopping in a larger neighbouring town, which in this case is Nome. In many cases the numbers of air taxi flights to and from a village in a year average out to one a day. There is a further scenery included here, which is Solomon AK26. Solomon is around 40 miles west of Golovin and from 1898 was supporting a gold mining operation on the Fish and Niukluk rivers further inland at Council. Solomon, and the airfield which obviously came later, gradually faded from use in competition with Nome, leaving almost nothing behind at Solomon by the 1980's except a gravel runway and the nearby Solomon roadhouse. There are other buildings near the airfield which appear to be new and in good condition, but their function is unknown to me. The Solomon terrain modifications and grass deletion bgl's did not function until loaded in a "Top" folder; this is unusual, and may be required only in my FS9 setup or in all situations. I have no way of knowing as I can only design for my situation. A note here about my scenery making. This is post number 503 and there will not be many more to follow this as I am almost at the end of the photos I either took or found for scenery purposes. There is a limit to what can be located online and I have already been making use of the little there is; eg Unalakleet. Post 520 is unlikely. So, if you are near an airport (preferably Canadian or Alaskan) and have a camera..... Let me know. By Roger Wensley.

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