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    FSX - FSX Propliners
    FSX/P3D Savoia Marchetti S.73
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    Size: 41,173,556 Date: 02-10-2019 Downloads: 348

    FSX/P3D Savoia Marchetti S.73 v3.0. This is the FSX/P3D (32 bit) model of the Savoia Marchetti (SIAI) S73 or SM73. If you have the P3Dv4 (64 bit), please download the S73_V30P.ZIP. After a 2.0 version I've rebuilt this 3.0. Main upgrades are: 1) Improved 3D models with new details, animations and virtual cockpit textures. 2) New sounds package 3) More realistic historical gauges. 4) Historical documentation and handling notes are added. The package contains eight texture sets, five 3D models with four different engine types in flight dynamics files. The liveries provided are: Ala Littoria (two liveries), Avio Linee Italiane, Nucleo Comunicazioni LATI, SABENA, CSA, and Regia Aeronautica (two liveries). Complete package with model, virtual cockpit, texture sets and sounds. Models, virtual cockpit and sounds by pcmeneg, paints by Manuele Villa, Vladimir Steffan and pcmeneg, flight dynamics, info and handling notes by FSAviator. Please see documentation into the S73_V3_common folder. By Stefano Meneghini.

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