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FSX World Tour, Leg 6

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Right well you may all be wondering why I am starting with Leg 6 of my world tour. Well this is simply due to the fact that in Legs 1-5 it did not occur to me to take any screenshots or make any writings.

Leg 6.
Agadez, Niger - Dakar, Senegal

Very challenging flight. Bad storms all the way made for some challenging flying. The landscape was pretty flat most of the way although saw some interesting sights over the Massina region of the River Niger. We decended over the coast down into Dakar.
Enjoy the pics.

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  1. xxmikexx's Avatar
    Beautiful screenshots. How's the panel?
  2. thomaspattison's Avatar
    The panel is brilliant. Very challenging by very rewarding. You are always busy, no such thing as turning on the AP and relaxing
  3. xxmikexx's Avatar
    I too like being busy. The aircraft I fly most is a vintage 727 with steam gauges. I only use the altitude hold feature of the autopilot, and that only rarely.

    Like you I prefer hand flying so my next question is, How's the handling? Heavy on the controls?
  4. thomaspattison's Avatar
    Nah not at all, still is very responsive, however you know you a flying a heavy. She sometimes takes a while to turn but is different every time you fly.
    What 727 do you fly? I must admit i love that plane and the 707.
  5. xxmikexx's Avatar
    I own the Dreamfleet 727 by Paul Golding. However, I rarely fly it ...

    What I fly instead is the fsOC (FS Open Components) 727-200 for FS2004, which I maintain. It's the Eric Cantu airframe with panel by Richard Probst and FDE by Charles Fox. Alejandro Hurtado has done several liveries for this aircraft, and there are 87 others available in the file library.

    I haven't touched the airframe and I don't do paintjobs. However, I'm a C/C++/asm technical Windows programmer and have been maintaining Rich Probst's stunning panel, a true labor of love. I've also been tweaking the Charles Fox FDE for my own purposes which I'll explain later in this thread if you're interested.


    All of this is actually going somewhere ...

    The fsOC project is in suspended animation at the moment. However, I would like to get the aircraft released to the public via the file library, but I don't want to do this till people other than me have flown it extensively so we can get the bugs shaken out of it.

    If you're interested in getting your hands on a beta copy, let me know and I'll tell you how to pull it down from the fsOC ftp site. Trust me, it's a really nice aircraft. The developers did a wonderful job, I've simply fixed some bugs (including some important ones) and made some tweaks.
    Updated 08-25-2008 at 04:30 PM by xxmikexx