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FSX World Tour

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Hi everyone, my name is Tom and this is my first entry into this Blog.

I have been flying in the FS world for about 7 years and have spent a few of those years as a pilot for many virtual airlines.

However, as of late I have found myself flying in and out of many airports that I have visited time and again. So i began to wonder about the other airports in the FSX world that I have never visited or never would and wondered what interesting places of the FSX world there are tosee and fly over, take off from and ultimatly land at.
This is why I decided to under take a huge venture in doing a World Tour in FSX. This would not be a straight round the world flight but I would try and visit many places and locations I normally would never go to.

I then thought about what sort of aircraft I wanted to do this huge journey in. My mind first turned to jet airliners in considering the vast distances that would be covered but I ultimatley turned them down as I felt i knew these planes too well and perhaps they were becoming common place. I wanted something a bit more interesting and a bit more challenging to fly. I then considered vintage airliners such as the 707, 727, DC-10 but decided to knock that on the head as again i felt that they did just not suit what I was looking for.
Turning my attention then to smaller prop aircraft like Cessna of Beechcraft or even the Pilatus PC-12 but again after a few testflights I still had a feeling of them not being suitable. However I felt I was getting closer. I definatley wanted a prop aircraft rather than jet engine.
I then looked at the Lockheed Constellation and the DC-4 but after a while testing returned these aircraft to their hangers. It was then after a long search I finally found the plane. I have decided to undertake this journey in the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser as modelled by A2A Simulations.

I have also decided to make a blog entry as each of my world legs unfolds and post many pictures taken along the way. I hope you will check back often to see all these images and my writings on each leg.

See you in the skies.

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