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Rantings of a Radio Operator

Fruits of my labour.

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I didn't realise how quick I was at repainting aircraft. An hour after I posted last night, I'd finished. I then made some tweaks on it and added a few details.

Here was the original from the first flight for those who missed it on the Screenshot Forum.

Here it is, as of this morning, with sponsorship logos. I'm going to do another repaint very soon on it.

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Updated 09-02-2008 at 07:34 AM by dobar

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  1. xxmikexx's Avatar
    If only I liked biplanes ...
  2. dobar's Avatar
    This biplane is special though. It's fully aerobatic which is why I chose it.
  3. xxmikexx's Avatar
    I was being half-facetious. A fellow simmer insisted that I install the Christensen Eagle that he flies. I did, and found it to be a marvelous aerobatic aircraft, just as you so obviously have.

    Trouble is, I have no interest in flying aerobatics. I like to watch it, but having done 1-2 hours of basic aerobatics in a Citabria (I have a PPL) I discovered that it's not for me. Rather, my thing is hand-flying big iron in IFR conditions.

    So is your thing flying the Eagle, which motivates the repaints, or do you just like the way the aircraft looks? (I do too.)
  4. dobar's Avatar
    I both enjoy how it flies and how it looks. I just downloaded it and decided to have a go at another repaint for fun and possibly some practice.

    As for aerobatics, some love it, some just don't enjoy it as much. There are, of course, those in between. Everyone has their tastes for different styles of flight.
  5. Ranie Smith's Avatar
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