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Earthrounder in a Bonanza V35B

Diversion to Fiji...

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February 15, 2011.
Good bye, Pago Pago. The weather in the Southern Pacific hasn't been good for a few days, storms, low clouds, I chose not to fly. But today was different, Clouds were scattered around 2500 feet. The winds were calm and it was mostly sunny. So off I am to the Southwest to Fiji.

I'm having a little trouble with the blogging software here on flight My pictures are dropping off.
The software for this for is powered by V bulletin and it says you should be a getting a WYSIWYG, but I'm not getting that. I have to talk to the powers to be see if someone can help me out.

My NDB is set for 330 I picked it up about 50 miles out. I had to deviate course a little bit to visit an island called Vai Lahi. This is just a crater just in the middle of nowhere. A little to the north of my course.
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This is FiJi, Nausori international gave me a straight in approach on 28.
I need to explore a bit and enjoy the weather.

Next to New Zealand and Tasmania !!

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