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Earthrounder in a Bonanza V35B

Soup in Pago Pago

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February 10, 2011.

Another beautiful flying day, The bonanza is all gassed up. I'm ready to go. This time the plan will take me to Pago Pago international, NSTU.

Climbing to 6000 feet and heading almost due south with a course of 210, so I downloaded a flight planner that is called Plan G. I think this will fulfill all my needs for flight planner around the world. It connects and flight Sim and downloads all of the airports and navigation aids right into the planner. I believe it will even pick up the weather information. I'll let you know how I make out.

The weather I fly is real weather and when I left Cassidy international on Christmas Island looking ahead at the weather it was beautiful. About four hours into my six hour flight, the weather all changed. I was socked in the clouds. I even had to turn the GPS on. I descended to 2000 feet as I approached the island. I still couldn't see anything and my fuel was low. The fuel computer said I had about 50 min. of fuel left and I had about 35 min. of flight time to go. The visibility was really poor. I got cleared to land and put it down okay, but I was pretty nervous.

Plan G is working out very well. I like that I can print out my flight plans. I do not have it directly connected to FSX yet but I plan on doing that. Here are a couple of pictures of my flight.

Next time, off to Fiji.
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  1. jnes1021's Avatar
    You are a brave pilot ...
  2. KathrinaDupree's Avatar
    Wow!! That's a nice pic. The sky is something very beautiful. Its beauty is endless. [URL=""]Troubleshoot USB Printer Not Detected on Windows PC Error[/URL] It cannot be described. I like to fly and feel the beauty of the sky. But I know it's not easy. Still, it's my dream.