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Still waiting...

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After uploading my aircraft repaint last night, it still hasn't been added. I think they don't do it over weekends. However, I have noticed new files appearing today. So, why hasn't mine? Is it because I used a different technique of uploading files. I'm new to releasing add-ons and I'm not entirely sure about the process. Now, before anyone suggests it, I'm not blaming Flight Sim for anything. I'm just impatient.

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Updated 09-02-2008 at 07:33 AM by dobar

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  1. xxmikexx's Avatar

    Have patience. Webmaster Nels Anderson personally handles all file library submissions but I'll bet that he simply couldn't get to it.

    As he told me very early this morning by email when he explained that he could not process my article yet, today is Sunday and even he needs to take a Sunday off now and then.

    But if you're unsure about the method for packaging and uploading scenery, how about taking the question to one of the forums, whichever one seems most appropriate.
    Updated 08-17-2008 at 02:25 PM by xxmikexx
  2. dobar's Avatar
    Yeah, I think he's allowed time off for the great work around here. I'm not that worried but can't wait to see in the library!
  3. dobar's Avatar
    Actually, is one method of uploading preferential to the other?
  4. xxmikexx's Avatar
    I've never done any uploads so I don't know what the two methods are. As regards what might be easier for Nels, write to him as [email protected] or ask him in Outer Marker. I'm sure he'll respond sometime during the USA day.
  5. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
    Generally, I get to uploaded files within a day after they are uploaded. Either upload method is treated the same, I usually combine all the files from both upload streams and combine them before I start working.

    On occasion, files do get lost or have something wrong that prevents them being added to the file library. If two days or most goes by, email me and ask.
  6. dobar's Avatar
    Thanks for your help Nels, appreciate it.