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Welcome to my Aviation World

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After all these years and I realize that I have a blog right here on Fllghtsim.Com. I've been a member here at FlightSim.Com for many years and, truthfully, I never knew this feature was here. What perfect timing too because I was actually trying to come up with subject matter for another blog site. (I have several personal blog sites now). What a treat this is...

My name is J.D. and I've been a member here at FlightSim.Com since March of 2005. I've also been faithful to Flight Simulator since before it took on the name of Microsoft. I've actually has just about every version of Flight Simulator that's ever existed. If I missed one I'm not aware of it. I only wish I would have saved a copy of them because I still get a feeling of nostlgia when I think back to the older versions. Before you wonder: Yes, each and every version had bugs and quirks that had potential to be quite the irritant.

Now I fly with Flight Simulator X and it's my favorite. But then again every version I flew with was my favorite during its time in my life. Some people ask, so I'll try to explain in one sentence. What's so good about "pretending" to fly? Well, it really is the next best thing to being there. I can't think of a better way to practice the one thing that I love the most without enduring the expense of it all. True, it's not QUITE the same but it does fill part of the fantasy. It's not just the flying that I love. I love everything about aviation that seems to be out there. Perhaps I'm a littlenutz, and perhaps I'm in a perpetual mid-life crisis. Either way I'm having a great time with it, it's not harming anything or anyone, and I can afford it. Yes, my wife thinks I'm a little nuts too.

Well, I really just wanted to say hello, and thank you for stopping by my newly found, old, FlightSim.Com blog. I'll try to come up with something that's actually interesting to read about from time to time. Until then enjoy your aviation world, and your flight simulator world, and above all... Be SAFE...

aka *** siXpak ***

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